Yves Sant Laurent Glossy Lip Stain "Rebel Nudes"

When I read about these new lip stains called Rebel Nudes' by YSL, I literally left the house and went searching for it.  The words “nude and stain” brought me to a level of excitement that I couldn't control and curiosity that had to be attended to.  Ysl's original lip stain was launched seasons ago and instantly became a revolutionary lip product that is a hybrid of a gloss and lip stain.  The colors in the original line are brighter, vivid and intense.  Rebel nudes claims to be more glossy, sheer and overall a softer look.  Here is how these lip stains are described on the Bergdorf Goodman site:

Gloss? Stain? Lipstick? Stop compromising and have it all with PREMIERING Glossy Stain Rebel Nudes. The Revolutionary Nudes is Yves Saint Laurent's first Glossy Stain with reflective shine. Its weightless feel, long lasting color, and 3D luminosity are just some of its features. 

What's new? Glossy Stain Rebel Nudes captures the revolutionary formula of Glossy Stain and combines with Euphotic Colored Light technology to allow light to pass through and give an all day luminous 3D effect. 

Tips: First, highlight lips with Touche Eclat to give a plump lip look. Apply Glossy Stain Rebel Nudes to the bottom and top lip without blotting. Allow color to dry on lips for all day shine. Repeat routine for a more dramatic shine look. Wear a Rebel Nude alone or apply on top of your favorite Glossy Stain for a new color and revolutionary 3D effect!

After I basically jogged to the counter with anticipation, I was a bit confused with the description “rebel nudes” and only saw a couple of nude colors.  It comes in ten shades ranging from light mauve nude to a bright purple, all beautiful but definitely not “nude.”  The sales associate explained to me that “Rebel Nudes” just means that they are more sheer and less intense then the original formula.  Not sure I get it to be honest but I purchased two of the ten shades and decided to be the judge of how “one of a kind” this product continues to be.  I bought shade “101″ or nude provoateur and shade “108” in violine control.”  Let us take a look at these two very different shades:

Shade 101 looks like a gray/mauve/nude in the case but comes out very sheer and nude.  I have very pigmented lips that tend to be on the “mauve” side and this gloss basically enhanced my natural lip color. I did two layers so I can intensify the color but it just made my lips look more pigmented, a look I don't mind and easily welcome.  I am curious to see it would look on ladies with no color, I suspect it can look “washed out” and unflattering but its so sheer that it might not make s difference.

Shade 101 one hour after swatching on hand

Shade 108 is a bright magenta color that was definitely an impulsive purchase but one that pleasantly surprised me.  It has gold flecks which prevents it from looking “dated” and makes it more”fun and tastefully bright.  Upon application, my whole face brightened up without my lips competing with my heavy handed bronzer and smokey eyes.  It is not easy to wear a bright lip color, when eyes are the focus, without looking overdone or clownish.  Shade 108 brilliantly achieves color but looks fresh, polished and subtle, a great purchase and addition to my summer lip collection.  I would like to purchase shade 105 in “coral holdup” in the near future but these two stains satisfied my craving and curiosity for now.

One hour after applying the lip stain

Verdict? If you see a color you like then this range of lip stains can be interesting, different and gratifying.  I am surprised how long shade 108 lasted on my lips which makes it worth the high price tag while shade 101 faded quickly and could easily be achieved with my holy grail gloss by Chanel in “sweet beige.”  If you are looking for a sheer gloss or stain but want color, Ysl Rebel Nudes could be the answer for you.  I would be curious to get feedback from my readers and see if you prefer the original formula or the new rebel nude range.

Happy glossing:)

Ysl cosmetics can be purchased at Bergdorf Goodman and other fine department stores.  Retails for $34.



  1. Sophia

    Thanks for the great pics. I really like this line. I have Fuchsia Tomboy and want another color or two. While I also really like the original line, most of those colors are too vivid for me. So I prefer this range, except I wish they had more colors.

    • wafaa

      HI sophia,

      I agree with you 100%. Hoping they had more variety of nudes and perhaps reds?

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