Troy Surratt Artistique Eye Shadow in “Brun Noir”


Troy Surratt eye shadow

Choosing the right shadow colors can be challenging but what about finding unique quality and finish?  I know I have personally been challenged with colors that look good in the case but how it feels and applies is another story.  Leave it to celebrity makeup artist Troy Surratt (HERE) to take the guess work out of flattering colors and exceptional quality in shadows all in one.  I recently reviewed Troy’s eye batons (HERE) that I am madly inlove with but that was before I felt his eye shadows and now I am hooked.


Troy Surratt “brun noir” eye shadow


What makes Troy Surratt Artistique eye shadows($20) stand out from others on the market?  He answers this question with confidence and excitement by stating all his powder products are “slurry technology” which means they were a liquid before they were a powder so they are actually poured before they are gently pressed.”  He further explains that most powders products are made with power and force and their compacted into aluminum pans. His aluminum pans were eliminated, hence the sleek, modern and minimal packaging, and the result is a velvety, buttery and very moist feeling shadows.  Another added bonus: his powder products all fit into a customized compact (sold separately) that fit up to four products…sensible and practical. When the powder pans are empty they can be recycled.

I chose the color “brun noir” a gorgeous chocolate brown with cool undertones.  I paired it with the eye baton in “pumee brun” and together you get a sexy smoky eye that works on most eye colors. They can also be used either wet or dry, I love options.

Troy Surratt eye shadow in “brun noir” and eye baton in “pumee brun”


Troy Surratt “brun noir” swatched


Verdict?  I would definitely recommend you explore not only the eye shadows but the whole Troy Surratt line.  His constant preaching that “innovation and quality” is what motivated him to create his line is proven throughout his whole collection. This is a good example of someone who practices what he preaches…enough said!  Sold exclusively at Barneys NY.

Wearing Troy Surratt eye shadow in “brun noir” and eye baton in “pumee brun”


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  2. I’m so happy to have found a review on Surratt beauty products. I read your post on the Eye Baton as well and can’t wait to get my order together. I’m loving Kose Addiction shadows and these look really similar. Thanks for the great review and photos.

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