Tom Ford Lip Color Sheers Sweet Spot and In the Buff


Tom Ford has launched a beautiful collection of eight Beauty Lip Color Sheers ($49 each) for his Spring 2014 beauty collection.  The lipsticks are designed to create a semi-translucent finish while the formula contains a blend of moisturizing ingredients like Vitamin C and E, Shea Butter and natural oils.  According to Mr. Ford himself, this collection is to “celebrate the return of warm weather with wardrobe of hues ranging from shimmering neutrals to alluring brights.” These are limited-edition that have a good mix of nudes against strong and bold colors and packaged in the original iconic white and gold packaging.  If anyone can pull a collection off like this it is Tom Ford himself.

After swatching all eight shades on my wrist (HERE), I decided to control myself and choose “In the Buff, ” a shimmery nude with substance and “Sweet Spot” an absolutely beautiful orange/coral with slight shimmer.  The formula in the neutrals are not as pigmented compared to the brighter stronger colors which are creamier in texture and have better color payoff.



Tom Ford Sheer Lip Conditioners in “in the buff and “sweet spot”


Tom Ford Sheer Lip Conditioners in “in the buff and “sweet spot”


Tom Ford Sheer Lip Conditioners in “in the buff and “sweet spot”

In the Buff is a beautiful nude is semi sheer and can be applied without a lip brush, lip liner and a mirror.  I just used it straight from the tube and it meshed beautifully with my naturally pigmented lips.  Keep in mind, even though I constantly talk about loving nudes with a smokey eye, I don’t necessarily find it that easy to find a shade that doesn’t wash me out or look a bit “outdated, flat or too frosty.”  In the Buff initially made me nervous because I thought it might be like Tom Ford’s “Vanilla Suede” that looks like concealer on my lips but that wasn’t the case.  This is a great nude for ladies who have pigmented lips and tend to be sallow and can look washed out very easily if a nude doesn’t have enough pigment and and some intensity in the tone.  This has no warmth in it which is a big plus for me.  It lasted a good hour without eating but then faded and left a nice sheen behind.


Tom Ford new lip condtioner in “in the buff”


Tom Ford “in the buff” lip swatch


I tried my best to get my color comparisons to “in the buff” more accurate but not sure why the above image shows Vanilla Suede darker then In the Buff which isn’t the case at all so I apologize for that.  Swatching nude colors is always hard for me but I labeled the glosses that I felt were similar to In the Buff.  Keep in mind, I wear more glosses then lipsticks so that is why my comparisons were done that way.

Tom Ford “In the Buff” lip conditioner

The next color “Sweet Spot” I definitely developed a “sweet spot” for.  This is a coral that strikes a brilliant balance between orange and peach without washing me out.  Notice I use the term “washing me out” often because anything too light, too yellow, too orange etc..tend to make me look tired and brings out my sallowness.  Sweet Spot has more pigment then “In the Buff” and creamier in texture but doesn’t look too bright or heavy if that makes sense.  I also applied this without lip brush or lip liner and it looked great.  This formula really seems to find its way around the shape of my lips without looking like an amateur did it.  Sweet Spot lasted a good two hours and faded to a soft coral stain which I didn’t mind at all.  The beauty of this color is I wore it with a nude eye and bronzer as well as a strong smokey eye and pulled it off.  The other day, I went to drop my kids off very early to school and had no time to fix my tired face so decided to use Sweet Spot and it brightened my whole face without looking overdone.  This is a huge winner for me and hoping it sells so well that they will make this part of their permanent collection.


Tom Ford “Sweet Spot”


Tom Ford Sweet Spot swatch


Sweet Spot compared to other glosses


Tom Ford Sweet Spot


Sweet Spot by Tom Ford after wearing it for two hours


Me wearing “In the Buff”


Verdict?  Once again, Tom Ford has pulled it off and managed to launch a group of nudes and brights with different degrees of pigment and it looks classy and is very wearable and universal in color.  I am glad I only bought two shades and I feel I chose the best two for my coloring.  They are $49 so controlling yourself shouldn’t be a problem but my opinion is to choose a nude and a bright, you can’t go wrong ladies.  Now I am curious as to what he will surprise it with in the summer?  Okay I will stop here but would love to hear what everyone is buying and liking!

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  1. Melissa

    Hello BG,
    I bought in the buff & pink dune and I love them both. The colored ones I have dupes for and so I went with the two I don’t or I would’ve bought them all. Having a big lip collection you start seeing a lot of duplicates so I am trying to be good.
    Thank you for the great post

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