Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush 02

It is no secret I love and own dozens of makeup brushes but always open to finding a “must have” to add to my collection. I specifically have taken a strong interest for the Tom Ford brushes and owned all but one, but now that has changed.  The missing link was the “foundation brush” that I purposely avoided and felt no need or desire to add it to all the other Tom ford brushes I currently owned.  So what changed you ask?  Well, when I went to stalk the Tom Ford counter few weeks ago and get my hands on their new summer products, I noticed all the makeup artist using the foundation brush, and it looked “tempting!!!”  This is how Tom Ford describes this foundation brush:

Tom Ford's brush collection is designed to bring ease and luxury to the process of creating your look—they make expert makeup application completely effortless. Custom designed and developed with natural hair to be the perfect partner for the Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick, this brush flawlessly blends the product's creamy texture onto skin with a seamless look and delivers the right amount of product where needed. Handle is designed for true comfort and balance.

I asked my favorite in house artist Keke to tell me more about it since I noticed she is always using it as well and has told me in the past that it is her favorite brush in the whole line.  Favorite brush in the whole line?  I am sorry, but I just didn't get the love for this foundation brush but Keke's enthusiasm in explaining and showing me why it is their number one selling brush was a no brainer for her.  This is how Keke explained why she loves this brush:

“The number #02 cream foundation brush is my favorite brush because the natural hair is short and dense, less foundation blends smoothly  and gives different kinds coverage on the face. I find that when I am working with this brush there is absolutely no streaking. We are always sold out of this brush. I have all the Shu Uemura brushes and this is still a top favorite. We have loads of makeup artist that come in to purchase this brush, which is the best compliment, seeing that they really don't have to.  It's really a special brush.”

I was still skeptical yet she did peek an interest enough for me to hang out longer and have her show me how it is used and why it is a “special” brush for the counter.  It was originally sold and encouraged to be used as a component with the Tom Ford foundation stick,which allowed just enough product to transfer from the stick to the brush without looking cakey.  Hmm, don't all foundation brushes claim to do that?  To be honest, my MAC, Armani, Hourglass and MakeupForever foundation brushes are collecting dust on my vanity and I never even think of them as an essential tool to achieving a “perfect” face.  It was time for me to have an open mind especially since none of the Tom Ford brushes have disappointed me thus far so this was worth taking a second look at.

Keke showed me how she applied the Tom Ford skin primer using the foundation brush and I loved how it left the skin a beautiful and even sheen.  Next, she took the Tom Ford liquid foundation ( it seems the artist are using it their own way and not just with the foundation stick) and pumped two drops on the back of her hand.  Next, she dabbed the brush lightly into the foundation and started sweeping away on the face in circular motions and going around the crevices of the face. Was I impressed?  Unfortunately, I was and I tried hard to pretend I didn't think it was that amazing but quickly changed my mind when she said she only had one left in stock.  She opened the drawer to show me and like a greedy brush monster, I told her I wanted it even though it retails for $70 ouch!

Tom Ford Traceless foundation before using foundation brush 02 to blend

Tom Ford Traceless foundation blended using the Tom ford 02 foundation brush

The Tom Ford foundation brush is often compared to Shu Uemura foundation brush and have read that both are very similar but  the former seems to get more favorable points.  I am reviewing this brush purely based on my '”new interest” in foundation brushes, which I stated earlier, and if I think you ladies need to own one and/or if it is any better than other brushes with the same function.

Result? I used it with my Tom Ford Traceless foundation (which unfortunately never won me over due to its thickness) and saw a huge and I mean huge difference in how much more sheer and even it applied.  I was truly impressed and started testing it out on my holy grail liquid foundation, Armani luminous silk, and again was really impressed.  It picks up just enough foundation and the dense but full hairs made my skin look flawless and smooth.  I wish I was exaggerating but I have gone to the other side and am a believer in foundation brushes.  My only problem was I never found the right one so I gave up on all of them and concluded that they are a luxury item not a necessity.  I have now made this brush part of my everyday brushes and I hope you get a chance to go to a Tom Ford counter to let them convert you into a Tom Ford foundation brush believer:)

Tom Ford can be purchased at Bergdorf Goodman and  Retails for $70.
Happy Blending:)


  1. madrose

    Hi! I just discovered your blog, I love the Tom Ford early previews, thank you!
    Having never used a foundation brush before, do you spread the foundation first on your hand and then pick it up with the brush? I usually dab foundation on my face and spread using my fingers.

    • wafaa

      Hi there. I too am not a huge foundation brush person but the Tom Ford brush really changed my mind. You can use it either way but I prefer to put three dots on my face then use the brush to spread it..I feel it doesnt waste as much. Every now and then I do like using my fingers it looks great but this brush gives your skin an “airbrushed” look. Good luck and thanks for stopping by:)

    • wafaa


      I personally dab foundation on my wrist and then use the brush to pick up the color. I do think it waste product but I am most comfortable using it this way. Hope this helps:)

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