Suqqu M Brush

I don't know why it has taken me so long to review this brush. It has quickly become “my favorite” and the one I reach out for the most.  It is the Suqqu” brush M” and what a brush it is.  I thought it would be untouched since I own so many “dome like” brushes to apply on the crease and smudge the edge, but I was clearly wrong and pleasantly surprised.
Suqqu, as most brush queens like myself know, is made of the 100% premium gray squirrel hair and the best money can buy. The hairs are from China but the brushes are made in Japan, carefully, skillfully and artistically.  The price of Suqqu brushes might prevent you from exploring and experimenting, but if you are brave enough to take it to another level and purchase one, you will see understand and somehow justify the price while finding yourself frequently using them.

Brush M (or medium) is originally a crease brush with the purpose of blending the eye socket streak free and to perfection.  Guess what? It really does blend to perfection and the best part is it's effortless and doesn't require one to be an expert make up artist.  I use it to blend, smoke out and do a” V” in the outer corner and it looks so professional yet so easy. I also use it to on the bottom lash line by brushing a light/medium colored shadow (usually taupe) and sweeping it back and forth, this completes my signature soft  eye…amazing ladies!!!  I compared this brush to my Nars eye contour brush and Le Metier de beaute “eye crease #1 brush” simply for the purpose each brush was made for as well as how similar they are aesthetically. Let us take a look:

(L to R) LMDB crease brush, Suqqu M brush and Nars eye contour brush

(L to R) Nars, Suqqu and LMDB

Nars and Suqqu

Suqqu and LMBD

Suqqu M

I find the LMDB and Suqqu look the most similar but are very different.  The LMDB is made of goat and pony hair which is great for picking up color/pigment but sometimes challenging to blend and can lack softness and silkiness.  I have started using the LMDB for all over lid color and it works amazingly well.  The Nars eye contour brush is made of squirrel and goat hair and indeed a great brush but the size is smaller than Suqqu and the goat hair makes it again more stiff but great for picking up color/pigment. I have reserved this brush mostly for my “V” outer corner and blending on the outside and down to 1/3 in the lash line.  I actually used the Nars for applying the lash line color for smokey eye before discovering the Suqqu M brush but now each brush has a purpose and it works well for me.

Bottom line:  If you have access to Suqqu then this brush is a great investment and one you will “reach out” for more frequently than you expect.  I can't imagine not owning this brush but if you don't have access to it at the moment then the other two brushes work well as well as other brushes from other lines.  I have reviewed the powder and blush brush (find link for powder brush here and blush brush here) and you will see my addiction and satisfaction for this line of brushes is consistent and predictable.  I don't remember how much I paid for this brush in Japanese yen but I read on line it goes for 48 pounds in the UK.

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Happy brushing 🙂


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