Chanel Sublimage Eye Cream

 I am always nervous to try new eye creams.  I really am a creature of habit in certain things and one of them is eye creams.  I figured if I was going to keep a beauty blog and review all kind of products I need to be flexible in all areas including eye creams. So I did and I started with Chanels new Sublimage Essential Regenerating Eye Cream.  This is how the company describes it:

With new SUBLIMAGE EYE Essential Regenerating Eye Cream, empowered with Planifolia-PFA*, the peerless customized agent engineered by CHANEL Research, the look of wrinkles, fines lines, loss of firmness, and depletion of moisture are specifically and simultaneously targeted for regenerating effects.

Adding to its core strength: a unique eye complex to diminish the appearance of puffiness and dark circles and help skin quickly achieve a luminous look.

Now back to me being a creature of habit.  I ususally alternate between LaPraries caviar luxe eye cream and 3Lab eye concentrate.  I started incorporating this new eye cream in the evening instead of using LaPraries caviar eye cream.  My reaction?  It felt quite similar to the caviar eye cream but maybe had a more concentrated feel to it which around this time of the year I am not complaining.  The texture of Chanel was thicker than LaPrarie, both have a nice slipage and feel to it and penetrated well into the skin.  Its hard to admit that I actually liked it and quite honestly cant say its not up there with my beloved LaPrarie luxe eye cream.  Chanels eye cream retails for $200 for 0.50oz…LaPrarie is 0.68oz for $295.  I can confidently say I would incorporate Chanel’s eye cream into my routine or alternate between Chanel and LaPrarie and/or 3Lab which for me is a big deal.
Again see if you can get samples and see what you think.  For anyone out there who really likes a thicker eye cream that feels nourishing and hydrating then this is a cream worth exploring. Comments and opinions are welcomed and encourage.

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