Serge Luten Beaute Nude Lip Palette in #2

Serge Luten recently launched a new lip kit in nude #2 and I have been very anxious to get my hands on it!  Serge Luten is a relatively small and well edited cosmetic line that rarely releases new products or colors and when they do cult followers like myself get a thrill out of it.

Serge Luten lip kit in nude #2







Serge Luten lip kit in nude #2


This new lip kit has four individual narrow trays of nude lip colors ranging from neutral beige to a warmer brown/beige, a color for everyone.  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it, a real dream come true for anyone who is a nude junkie like myself.  At $160, the price could easily make anyone cringe and not bother looking twice at it which is easily understandable and logical.  The colors are so functional and practical that I managed to brainwashed and convince myself that I need to own this because I wear nudes almost daily so this is an investment…can you see where I am going with this? After taking a few dozens of pictures to get the most accurate colors, I still don’t feel they are 100% accurate but will share with you so you can get an idea:


Serge Luten Nude Lip Kit in #2


As you can see, the range is practical and universal and if you get bored these colors layer beautifully and effortlessly.  One of my favorite sales associates at Barneys, Nikki Yakub, informed me that she has been using it to tone down bright lipsticks on her clients which seems to be a good reason to look twice at this kit.  The first two colors on the top are more sheer and cooler in tone versus the bottom two which hold more pigment and warmer in tone.  Here are some images to give you an idea of the undertones of the colors:


Serge Luten Lip Kit #2


Serge Luten Lip Kit #2


Serge Luten nude lip kit first color applied


Second color from the top layered on top of the first


Third color down layered on top of the first two


Last color layered in with the rest

The images above were taken right after I worked my way down and layered each color on top of the previous one. As you can see, the colors are workable and gradual. The last color is quite warm and a different tone then the other three but blends beautifully and warms up the lips in a very subtle way. Keep in mind, I just went down the row and blended them together but there are other looks you can achieve, I just wanted to show you how well they blend and how superb the formula is. The big question is do you need to run out and invest in this nude lip kit?  I won’t say its a “must have” especially if you rarely wear nudes, but in my world, you can never own enough nudes and each one has a purpose and reason to own it.  I will say this, when I swatched the colors on my wrist to take pictures, the stain would not fade away even after taking a few showers which gives you an idea of the pigment involved here.

Verdict?  This is entirely up to you ladies and how often you use nude lip colors.  I can see myself using this kit all year round to compliment my smoky eyes, bare eyes, bronzed skin and the list goes on.  I also enjoy mixing the colors together to create every nude I can imagine so what is there not to like?  The price is exuberant but it is Serge Luten we are talking about here…he isn’t thinking about saving you money, he just creates high quality, hard to get and hard to let go products and so far it has worked.  I am one of his cult followers and I rarely get disappointed in my purchases but if you already own other nudes you are happy with, then skip on this kit.  I know MAC and Armani have excellent nudes which are a less expensive alternatives to Serge Luten, but I can’t promise you the quality is as good.


Serge Luten can be purchased at Barneys NY.


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