Rumor has it…

Hi there ladies…just a quick note to tell you what rumors I heard whispering around the counters at department stores. Keep in mind, they are rumors so cross your fingers they happen soon.  😉

Tom Ford is rumored to have new “lip shines” launching this month. I don't think they are glosses but lipsticks that go on like glosses. I also heard the colors will range from coral to strong pink coral and are very different from his current coveted lipstick line that has lots of pigment and color. Very curious to see this and will keep you posted!

Also, Tom Ford will be launching new colors to add to their line but that isn't till April…way too long but patience is a virtue, especially with Tom Ford.

Rumor has it that my very line, “Serge Luten” will be adding another eye shadow kit to their line. They have only had one shadow kit that consist of plum, raisin, black and cream and the new one is suppose to be more in the “gray family.” I am super excited for this and once it is launched, I will be flying into Barneys to be the first to own it.

That's it for now, I will definitely keep you up to date if I hear anything else.



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