Rita Hazan new “Foaming Color Gloss”

Let me start off by saying I think Rita Hazan is a very talented individual.  She tapped into a market years ago that wasnt fullfilled by the hundreds of thousands of salons that grace the capital of fashion/beauty..NYC.  The market she focused on was burnettes who wanted to have beautiful highlights that enhanced their features without having to choose from either having fake blonde streaks, brassy/orange  streaks or just plain dark.  She gave a whole new meaning to being a sexy burnette without having to sacrifice too much time, money and energy.  Oddly enough NYC didnt really have anyone known to specialize in burnettes who wanted beautiful honey highlights that looked natural.
My first appointment with Rita was back in 1999 when she was working at the Oribe salon.  I went in she looked at my hair and decided it was very simple to give me highlights that compliment my olive skin and that will be low maintainence. She did my roots, added 6 foils and voila…..beautiful honey/gold highlights. No brassiness, orange or red tones.  She gave me the color she used on my roots since I lived overseas and told me to come see her after 6 months.  I stayed loyal for 10 years but had to make the hard decision to finally switch. She became very busy and was working hard to brand her own hair products.
Now finally moving on to one of the products I am reviewing today…foaming color gloss.  I picked some up at her salon while I was there for a good blowout and was excited at the concept behind it.
Rita Hazan believes this new product is like “lipgloss for the hair”…gives shine and color treated hair a tint to help preserve ones color in between salon visits.
For now it comes in three shades:

Tones down brassiness…for blones, burnettes and gray
Enchances golden tones…for blones, burnettes and red heads
Ultimate shine…for all clients even ones who dont color their hair but want ultimate shine

It is paraben sulfate and alcohol free.
Its safe on brazilian blowouts and Keratin treatment

I picked up the one that tones down brassiness since I am naturally dark and highlight my hair with honey highlights. I tried it for the first time the other day.  I shampooed my hair applied the mousse generously all over, combed it in and waited for 5 minutes before rinsing it out and putting conditioner after.  It did feel soft and smooth after I rinsed the mousse out which was a pleasant surprise.  I loved
the fragrance but if you dont like products that have fragrance then this might pose as a problem for you.
But on the other hand once it was rinsed out the smell faded nicely in my opinion.  The question is….did I like it?  Do I think this is a brilliant product that everyone needs to run out and purchase ASAP?
In all fairness I have only used it once and I can say my color did look more fresh and hair shinier but I need to use it a few more times to have an accurate and fair conclusion.  At $25 I do think it’s worth it, especially if you spend hundreds of dollars on color like I do this shouldnt be so painful to buy.
I am excited to try it again so I will definitely be updating everyone on what I think after using it a few more times.  I look it at this way…if it’s good enough for JLO shouldnt it be good enough for everyone else?? I will post a picture showing my color before I used it and after and you can be the judge but for now I can confidently say this looks promising.
Available at www.ritahazan.com



  1. I'd love to see the before/after photos. And do update us after you've used it a few times!

  2. Absolutely! I also want to try her clear gloss but it was sold out.
    Glad to see you on here…stay tuned.

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