Rita Hazan Foaming Gloss….update!

Hi…sorry I have not posted in a few days but got very busy and bought a new camera!!!
I am hoping to use it starting this week so I apologize for the average, not so clear pictures.  Unfortunately, the before and after picture of my hair using Rita Hazan foaming gloss was taken last week.  It’s not so clear but you can decide if you think my hair looked better,
glossier or the same.  Keep in mind the first one was taken in the daytime and the after picture was taken in the evening so artificial lighting dominated and color of hair looks somewhat different.  I will
be buying the clear gloss soon so see how that reacts to my hair and if it’s any different than the anti brass formula.  Check out the before and after:

Before using Rita Hazan foaming gloss:

After using Rita Hazan foaming gloss:

Enjoy and look for lots of new posts coming your way this week:)

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