New Dior Addict Glosses

Dior has launched 18 new lip glosses with a new formula and new shades called “Dior Addict by Dior.”  I saw these when passing by the counter at Bergdorf Goodman few days ago and automatically new I needed to have a few shades before leaving.  The nudes were sexy, the corals were intense and the rest was just easy on the eyes and completed the line beautifully.  This is how Dior is described on the Sephora website:

What it is:
A flash-plumping lipgloss with a dazzling finish.

What it does:
Straight from the runway, new Dior Addict Ultra Gloss features a featherweight formula with a flash-plumping, “spotlight shine” effect. Hyaluronic spheres keep lips smooth and moisturized, while mirror-like micropearls reflect light in all directions for a dazzling finish. The package is tall and sleek, with a Lucite top that mirrors the nano-spotlight effect. The precision brush applicator makes for effortless, perfect application every time.

What else you need to know:
An exclusive “Spotlight Shine” complex features glass-like micro-marbles of varying sizes, which multiply light tenfold to illuminate lips like nano-spotlights! The nano-spotlights reflect light in every direction like a kaleidoscope, to multiply and maximize shine—all while delivering a sheer wash of catwalk color.

Research Results:
-After 4 weeks of use, lips are + 26% fuller and + 36% more hydrated.
*Clinical evaluation by a dermatologist on 31 women.

I purchased two new shades: 223 Angelique and 643 Diablotine.  Let us take a look at Angelique first, a neutral warm beige that enhances a pout and balances the look of a smokey eye.

Angelique is a non shimmery gloss in a warm neutral beige tone.  I was instantly attracted to this color because I love neutrals and I liked that it wasn’t shimmery or frosty, which I have collected way too many in the last few years.

The only thing is if you have pigmented lips like I do (I have pink/plum that challenges nude colors), the color will vary.  On my lips, it looked less peachy and more of a warm toned gloss without identifying what color it is.  I think if you have fair skin with cool undertones, this will perhaps look too washed out or not show up in a flattering way.  I am saving this for the warmer months when I get more color and have lighter hair.  It also would work well as a top coat if you want to warm up a cool toned lipstick or gloss.


Glosses in similar tones tossed around so you see where Dior fits in.

Diablotine is a gorgeous coral with a shimmer and lots of pizazz.

This color stood out to me as soon  as the Dior sales lady rolled out the neatly stacked gloss drawer.  (Side note: I love Dior’s counters, always well manicured, presentable and easy to see the whole collection without struggling or looking too hard.  Colors are nicely coordinated making it visually appealing.)  Once I applied Diablotine, it didn’t look as bright or intense as I expected but a beautiful and sheer wash of coral/red that brightened my face instantly and enhanced my lips without looking overdone or bright.  I normally shy away from anything too bright since I usually sport a smokey eye and dont’ want to look overdone but this color is perfect and doesn’t compete with rest of my makeup.  I have to say, I think this color will work on many skin tones and is perfect for spring/summer.  It reminded me of a lot of colors I own by Chanel. I decided to swatch them so you can see the color family it belongs in.

Overall, these new glosses are beautiful and have an impressive color palette.  As with any line, you will see some “recycled” colors but the new ones will balance it out and create a wonderful selection that is perfect for the coming months.  Dior has always been a leader in lip colors in my opinion.  They seem to have a pulse of what is happening in the world of fashion and the catwalk which explains why their new launches are trendy and fabulous!  Do these glosses stay on better than everything else I have tried?  I can’t say they stay on any longer then my Chanel or Nars, but I don’t expect much from glosses anymore. I  look for color and something not too drying and Dior is perfect for that.  Take a look at Dior’s new Addict Glosses while shopping for new colors this spring. I am confident you will walk away with at least one color before leaving the counter.

Dior cosmetics can be purchased at, Saks, Bergdorfs and Nordstroms.  Retails for $28.

Happy Glossing!

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