Luminizing Face Enhancer by Cle de Peau

I received this gorgeous Cle de Peau face luminizer a month ago and just got around to reviewing it.  It was “love at first sight,” not to mention I haven’t stopped using it since I received it from my sweet husband.  This is one of several products to be released from Cle de Peau’s latest collection called “La Beaute Mediterranee”  and what a collection it is.  I say this sincerely because I rarely have seen Asian lines promote a collection emphasizing “bronzy Mediterranean like colors” which makes me jump with excitement and satisfaction.  Gorgeous intense colors consisting of blues, rich browns, terracottas and gold paired with high tech, high quality products. What more can a women ask for?

Several face enhancing, highlighters and luminizing products get launched, depending on the season, followed by informative reviews from bloggers raving about them, so what’s the difference between all of them and how many does one person need?   As much as I would like to consider myself a product connoisseur, I and many bloggers are still consumers like everyone out there, and get intrigued and sometimes suckered into adding more products to our already huge pile of makeup.  The good news is, I feel every season companies improve on their competitors products and it gets only that much better.  I have face shimmers or highlighters or whatever each line calls them from years ago and I feel they have only positively improved in texture and color choices.  Cle de Peau is no exception and I was pleasantly surprised to see shades of cream, beige, taupe and bronze all shimmery but melted into a prism like rectangle. Once applied, it created a realistic luminescent glow on the skin, hence the name “luminizer.”.  It doesn’t sit on the skin but melts beautifully creating a radiance from within.  My biggest pet peeve is when a powder sits on the skin and it looks either chalky or gritty. That is a sign that the powder isn’t finely milled or great quality in my opinion. This is how Cle de Peau describes  this lovely face enhancer:
“Alive in the interplay of sea and sunlight, your beauty is irresistible. As Illuminating Beads capture the ever-changing radiance of the Mediterranean, all eyes are upon you.”

I did a comparison on four different shimmery and/or bronzy compacts I own just to give you an idea of how it looks shade wise.  I compared it to the other Cle de Peau in shade #12, a soft gold, Burberry last summer release in “summer glow,” a more matte but sheer soft bronzer, my recently reviewed and released highlighter by Chanel called “Mouche De Beaute” a stunning soft peach/gold highlighter (click here for the review).  I found Chanel’s compact was the closest in shade to Cle de Peau #13, “sand beige”, but the former was more sheer, more gold and definitely had more “radiance” to it.  Take a look:

I really can’t sit here and tell you it is a “must have” for everyone out there but I will say I am glad I own it.  It is rare I find a powder that is so sheer, so finely milled and so radiant without making me look like I had a “heavy hand” when applying it.  If you are looking for a new highlighter and skipped out on Chanel’s, then Cle de Peau’s new luminizer might entice you.  What won’t entice you is the cost, it retails for $95 with compact and $55 for refill.  This is the first time I own their luminizers in a compact, I normally just buy refills just so I can mentally tell myself I saved money and it was a good investment- wink, wink.  Now, I am impatiently waiting for their new foundation that will be released beginning of March and drum roll…..darker colors!!! I feel my prayers have been answered a decade later but better late then never.  Stay tuned!

Cle de Peau Beaute can be purchased at Bergdorf Goodman, Neimans, Barneys and Saks.

Happy luminizing!

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