Le Metier de Beaute Major Giveaway Contest

This is exciting news ladies, Le Metier de Beaute has finally launched their products on-line!!! It was inevitable they would go e-commerce and the demand was more than they could handle. Now everyone can enjoy purchasing this cutting edge, sought after cosmetics and skincare line, regardless of where they live. Here is the latest press release on this:

Le Métier de Beauté, translating to the craft of the beauty, has launched their first online shopping site: www.lemetierdebeaute.com. Offering a unique ‘BEAUTY VAULT’ shopping experience for customers, Le Métier de Beauté’s newly launched E-commerce site features product pairings and limited time offerings that give clients a chance to ‘buy’ a product and try a complementing one.

 “We have asked our team of experts, with their extensive color cosmetics and skincare knowledge, to build perfect pairings, which we will then offer in limited quantities to our clients, on a first come, first served basis,” says Richard Blanch, CEO of Le Métier de Beauté.

 The luxury beauty brand’s E-commerce site grants access to the ‘BEAUTY VAULT.’ Inside the vault, customers are able to ‘unlock’ exclusive product pairings, curated by Le Métier de Beauté’s expert artistry team for their compatibility. The limited-time and limited-quantity pairings will change every two weeks. Also in the vault, ‘PEEK OF THE WEEK,’ which will highlight a new product each week.  

“This website is an opportunity for us to challenge our clients and their notion of how beauty products should work,” explains Mr. Blanch.  “We plan on using the website as a means to directly communicate with our customers and allow them access inside our vault of concepts, ideas and products.  Clients will have a limited amount of time to learn about new pairings and purchase those pairings, before the sales are closed.” 

For the first time, customers will have access to a Le Métier de Beauté newsletter available for sign up through the E-commerce site. The brand’s newsletter – with special offerings, new product information and beauty updates – is a new platform of communication for both new and existing customers. An extension of the newsletter, shoppers will also have access to superior customer support. On the site, customers can communicate questions and find help by utilizing Le Métier de Beauté’s Client Service Center.

 “Le Metier de Beaute is getting closer to its clients and returning a better experience to them through personalized customer service.  Our products are groundbreaking and highly effective and we know that through this new medium we can expose our clients to a deeper level of information and training, while giving them access to new products, new pairings of products and incredible first access to new ideas.”

 Experience Le Métier de Beauté’s E-commerce site: www.lemetierdebeaute.com and shop the BEAUTY VAULT.

* Limited-time product pairings, curated by Le Métier de Beauté’s artists

*A ‘PEEK OF THE WEEK’ product, highlighting a new limited-quantity product every week

*The Le Métier de Beauté Newsletter and Client Service Center

*Free Shipping for US Orders of $95 or more

If that wasn’t exciting enough, they are launching the e-commerce with a major giveaway.  Are you ready for this? A custom made, Italian leather trunk filled with Le Metier de Beaute beauty products worth over $700! I am daydreaming as I type this out. Here are the details straight from the company sent to me:

Ladies, put whatever you are doing away and enter ASAP. I wish I could enter but I will sacrifice this one time and let someone else enjoy this”once in a lifetime” offer.

Good luck to the future winner…I am already envious.

Thank you Le Metier de Beaute for listening to the consumers and going e-commerce while holding an amazing giveaway. Keep up the good work.


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