Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Bronzers in Shade 03 and 04

I am still enjoying my “journey of new summer bronzers” and my next stop  was at the Laura Mericer counter.  As your know, I am a huge fan of her mineral powders, so I feel if she can perfect veiling the skin, then her bronzers can surely meet my expectation.  As I approached her counter, I see a new “limited edition” bronze collection that was pleasing to my eyes.  I saw the words “baked and matte” and definitely thought it was worth exploring and I was not disappointed.  This is how the company describes their new matte bronzers:

An ultra-smooth baked formula that provides natural colour with soft matte radiance to the skin for a “bonne mine” healthy glow. Bronze shades give skin a soft matte finish and a hint of warmth. 

The new bronzers come in four new shades along with a highlighter: (descriptions are purely how I view them)

Highlight 01  a light and warm peachy highlighter

Bronze 01    light peachy bronzer

Bronze 02  light/ medium peachy bronzer

Bronze 03   medium peachy bronzer

Bronze 04  medium/dark golden bronzer

The hard part was trying to decide which of the five I wanted and needed so I swatched all on my wrist and decided on Bronze shades 03 and 04.  These two shades looked to have the most potential and right fit for my light/medium olive skin that tends to be sallow when I don't use bronzers and/or blush. Keep in mind, I wear Laura Mercier mineral powder in natural beige in the colder months and classic beige in the summer.  Let us take a look at how gorgeous these bronzers are:

Bronzer 03 swatched

Bronzer 04 swatched

These bronzers are refreshing in that they have no shine, apply beautifully and color is easy to build.  I can also appreciate the undertones being very user friendly and universal ie. not orange, red or muddy brown.  The darkest shade is 04 and even that isn't too dark for my skin tone.  I honestly can't imagine why these new bronzers would not win the hearts of most women out there.  Here is the thing I like about Laura Mericer skin color products, the quality and the color choices are so spot on with a reasonable price point.  I am not saying her prices are affordable to everyone out there, but if you are looking for a higher end product but don't want to pay an exuberant price, then this line makes sense and satisfies!  As I fumbled through my dozens of bronzers I have collected over the years, I only found the Chanel bronzers to be the closest in shade and matte quality.  To be honest, I prefer the Laura Mercier over Chanel ( I can't believe I just said I prefer something over Chanel) and feel the results are just as good if not better for a lower price point.  Let us take a look at the similarities:

As you can see, Laura Mericer shades 03 and 04 are not that much different in intensity, but shade 03 has more peachy undertones compared to 04.  I love mixing both of them to create the “perfect bronzer,” rich in color, believable looking and doesn't streak unlike the Chanel powder bronzer which did streak when trying to build color.  A little tip: apply these bronzers using a soft haired brush vs. a brush with dense hairs since the bronzers tend to be a bit messy when you swirl a brush in for application.  I suspect it is because it doesn't contain much oils to hold the powder together or much pigment.

Verdict? A huge YES! I really love these bronzers ladies and I think you will too.  They have brilliant and universal shades that have excellent blending properties and are ideal for building color without looking over done or dirty on the face.  Furthermore, oily skinned women will love the matte vs shiny bronzer which tend to look more natural in my opinion. Shade 01 is a beautiful shimmer that can be used alone or with the bronzers if you feel it is too “flat or matte” in finish.  My only complaint is the packaging is on the bulky side which makes it less ideal for traveling but it does have a good size mirror to check your makeup during the day:)  Overall, a great buy and I suspect these bronzers will be a big hit for the summer.

Laura Mercier can be purchased at and most major department stores. Retails for $36.

Happy Bronzing:)


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