Ladies Luncheon With Sandy Linter

Ladies, you know by now that I am a huge fan of legendary makeup artist and Lancome Beauty Expert Ms. Sandy Linter. I had a one on one interview with her last fall (watch it here). I took it one step further and coordinated a lovely ladies luncheon where Sandy could spread her creativity, charm and talent and let me tell you did she ever.

Imagine hosting an event with 35 women, different age groups, careers, interests and background. How does one hold the attention of so many women and convince them that “eye liner, blush and lipstick” is a necessity for everyone and takes less then ten minutes? Sandy managed to do that and had everyone standing around watching every shadow she dipped the brush in, how she doubled up a bronzer brush into a blush brush, while answering every question imaginable. Not only does it take years of experience to hold the attention of so many women, but also talent, which Sandy clearly has.

We were fortunate enough to hear stories about her first job working at Kenneths Salon in NYC where her first clients were the famous Jackie Onasis and Barbara Streisand at the tender age of 20, to working with Lancome in 2008 to present as their “Beauty Expert at any Age.” Her experiences were entertaining and her technique of applying pencil liner followed by gel liner was perfection! Sandy didn’t miss a beat or question and continued applying makeup to whoever was sitting in her chair.

Sandy revealed she has a book out called “The Makeup Wakeup” and the ladies anxiously lined up to not only buy it but get her autograph and her card to book a consultation ASAP. Another interesting fact is one of her clients is former supermodel and wife of Keith Richards, Patty Hanson who is one of many lovely women revealed in her book. She showed us an old Vogue magazine in the 70’s where she had done Patty’s makeup and compared it to how she looks today…timeless and ageless beauty, much like Sandy Linter herself. Clearly, this book reveals many secrets that every women should know and we all picked up on that and stood in line to make a purchase before they were sold out…and yes she sold out ladies!

Unfortunately, the “party” had to end but everyone left with a lovely goody bag, compliments of Lancome (thank you Lancome), filled with their famous pencil liner, gel liner in a pot, smudge brush and a serum. After Sandy showed us how the Lancome pencil and gel liner should be used together, we were all excited to go back home and play with our new goodies. Another tip that was given in between all the fun we had? Ardell lashes, Sandy’s choice of fake lashes, are a must have and affordable…two keys words that caught our attention. Want more tips? Purchase her book “The Makeup Wakeup” or if you are in the NYC area, book a consultation with Sandy Linter, it’s money well worth investing.

Thank you to Sandy and her assistants for not only attending the luncheon, but making it a memorable and fun filled day.

Sandy Linter’s book can be purchased at here at

For consultation, call Rita Hazan Salon at 212- 586-4343

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