La Prarie Cellular Radiance Emulsion SPF 30

I have hesitated for months now to review La Prarie Cellular Radiance Emulsion SPF 30 simply because it is expensive and I don't want to purposely promote “high end” products if I don't feel strongly about them. Now the time has come to roll up my sleeves and pour my heart out about how wonderful this lovely pink tinted cream is. I have been using it since August and before that I sampled it for months before making the big purchase. Let me explain why I adore this moisturizer so much.

In general I dread applying sunscreen because I haven't found one that performs in ways I am looking for. I need a sunscreen that can deliver in more ways than one and it has been a challenge for me. They either leave my skin with a chalky/white film that changes the color/tone of my foundation afterwards or is simply not hydrating enough which means another extra step of a moisturizer is expected. When I try buying foundations or powders that have a significant amount of sunscreen, especially in the summer, I find the shades of the foundations/powder oxidize and finding a perfect match becomes frustrating. So unfortunately, I slowly found myself not prioritizing sunscreen and focusing on having hydrated skin with a matching foundation/powder. I am not promoting nor encouraging anyone to skip a very important and imperative step of applying sunscreen but I clearly stating it has been a frustrating mission I have been on and slowly gave up on. Enter La Prarie Cellular Radiance Emolusion SPF 30, my dream come true product that I feel is worthy of being reviewed and passing along as one of my new and favorite discoveries, even though it is not new on the market. Here is how the company describes it on their website:

  • Reduces damaging enzymes and helps increase collagen to diminish wrinkles and improve elasticity with an exclusive Golden Peptide
  • Softens the effect of harsh lighting and provides instant surface luminosity through reflective elements, including colloidal Pure Gold
  • Boosts hydration and skin function while minimizing irritation
  • Prevents formation of age spots and helps even out skin discoloration, while UVA/UVB SPF 30 neutralizes damaging effects of exposure to sunlight

I am not going to sit here and write to you that my skin changed dramatically and all the benefits noted above happened to me. What I will say is this is the only product I have found thus far that has conquered what I have been looking for and somehow has me justifying the steep price tag ($455 ouch) without feeling guilty. This is what I feel it does:

*Formula isn't thick or heavy yet does an amazing job hydrating skin on contact
*Leaves an amazing silky and soft feel to the skin
* SPF 30 and no traces of white film or chalkiness
*A little goes a long way
*No break-outs so far on my sensitive skin

Bottom Line: If you can afford it and you are looking for a product that “hydrates, protects and radiates” then this product is for you. Again, I sampled this for a few months before I made the investment and I think you should too. For me, it wasn't an impulsive decision, but a carefully thought out purchase with lots of researching and sampling and I am happy I did. The company recommends you follow it up with their cellular radiance night cream but I am still using the “caviar cream” which partners up just as well. A little advice from me, do not feel obligated to be loyal to one line and purchase a complete skin care program as most will suggest and encourage. I have found my skin care routine to be very mixed but complete and satisfactory. For now, I have found the perfect, all year round day cream that has kept my skin radiant and happy, unfortunately I am being very frugal with application so the honeymoon phase doesn't end soon 🙂
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La Prarie skin care can be purchasedat Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Saks. 50ml/1.7oz retails for $455


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