Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer in Shade 6

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed the new fluid sheer from Armani in shade 5 and loved it so much I had to get another one in shade 6. This gorgeous, coral, liquid highlighter that has brilliant shimmer and unique undertones which puts it in the “must have” category.  It is definitely not as sheer as shade 5 and carries more pigment and makes a stronger statement.  With just a pea size drop, a little goes a long way and even after blended you can see the magic happening and a glow being born.

( L to R) Shade 6 and shade 5

I usually shy away from bright colors for my cheeks and lips, but as you can see from my posts lately, I have rediscovered color and loving it!!! Shade 6 would not be a shade I would have purchased last year but I own so many coral lip colors that I needed something that would add a “flushed” look to my sallow skin and shade 6 was the perfect compliment to what I already own.

Slightly blended

Well blended

As I was looking through my makeup and collecting all the fluid sheers I have collected over the years, I realized shade 6 has completed all the color range I could possible wear and use.  The fluid sheers, depending on the shade you purchase, have different functions.  The lighter ones like shade 2, 4, 7 and 10 are ideal to mix with your foundation or moisturizers and darker colors like shade 6 replaces a blush and provides color, and in this case a glow, due to the iridescent undertones.

Similar colors to shade 6

Ideas of makeup colors shade 6 would compliment!

Verdict?  Honestly, you can't go wrong buying any of the Armani fluid sheers simply because they are versatile and the colors are so tasteful.  My only hesitation over shade 6 would be women that have ruddy skin, especially around the t-zone, would not benefit from the brighter coral shade. Reason for that is it would only look like a big blotch of color and defeat the purpose by competing with already existing color instead of adding a “boost of color” on the skin.  I have olive skin and this does a great job of giving me the “right” color as well as anyone who has fair skin who also needs or is looking for a “natural flushed,” look.  The whole range of fluid sheers blow me away and the new added shades have completed the line and is safe to say there is a color for everyone.  Summer is around the corner and coral colors seem to be the theme of major cosmetic line so this would be a good product to start with followed by sheer and brighter lip colors.

Giorgio Armani can be purchased at, Nordstroms, Saks and BarneysNY.  Retails for $59.


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