I have always had a fascination with liquid and powder face highlighters which has led me to collect more than I am willing to admit to.  So, it is no surprise that when Giorgio Armani launched new liquid face highlighters to their already existing and well edited shades, I was ecstatic to say the least.  When it comes to foundations and face enhancement products, Armani has the latest technology and edgy colors. No contest in my opinion.

At the Barneys Armani counter, I was shown the seven new shades of fluid sheer and my eyes went directly to shade 5 and 6, a peach and a coral/orange, both stunning and eye catching.
 I had to decide which one I was going to take home with me and settled with shade 5, a soft warm peach.  My immediate obsession over this shade was natural and expected since this is perfect for someone who has light to medium olive skin or warm undertones.  I tend to be sallow and this peach highlighter warms up my skin and leaves it “radiant and glowing.”
I apply the fluid sheers underneath my Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and it blends beautifully and expertly, resulting in a glow that looks like it came from within and brightened up when the light hit areas where it was applied.
 Are you getting more excited now?  I know once you see them in person you will understand my excitement and obsession over these new range of colors.  I presently own 7 other shades, some permanent in the collection, others were limited edition, that I am holding on to for dear life.
I find that paired with Tom Ford's new shine lip color in “abandon,” (review coming soon,) the result is a lovely and fresh spring look. Is this any different then my already existing collection?  It really is and I proved it with my choices of highlighters to swatch so you can see that it does have a unique color even though it doesn't look it at first glance.  I was worried that shade 5 was similar to the By Terry coral rose purely from looking at the bottles but as you can see they are quite different.  I threw in Rouge Bunny Rouge to swatch so you can see the difference in pigment and consistency which is very different.  RBR does have more pigment but the drawback is you have to blend very quickly or it dries and becomes challenging to move around on the skin.  By Terry has this similar problem as well.

Swatched closer to window

Verdict? A huge yes! The real challenge will be choosing only one shade to purchase.  I am already determined to go back and get shade 6, another beautiful color I can't wait to review.  I will predict these will fly off the shelves so I highly recommend you try to get your hands on them sooner then later. I got mine at Barneys NYC and all the sales people are very helpful and knowledgeable.
Bestthingsinbeauty has all the new shades swatched HERE.
Giorgio Armani Beauty can be purchased at Barneys NY, Saks and  Retails for $59.

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