Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer In #17

Giorgio Armani recently launched five new shades of  their cult classic fluid sheer.  If you are a regular on Beautygypsy and/or follow me on social media, you know I am constantly trying to achieve that “glow.”  I have already reviewed the fluid sheers HERE so this post will focus more on the new shade I bought in #17.  The fluid sheers come in a 1 0z cylinder pump bottle and retails for $62.  This particular shade is a gorgeous rose/bronze, my favorite combo on my olive skin.  Let us take a closer look at this shade:


Shade #17  looks like a cool-toned mauve/beige on the outside of the bottle but looks different once it is applied.  Against my skin, I saw different specs of pearlescent colors ranging from rose and silver to pink and bronze.  This isn’t ideal for an all over glow but more as a blush and/or accent of color.  Each fluid sheer in the line has different purpose of use from correcting/enhancing a skin tone to creating a natural glow or dramatic color.  This particular shade is brilliant on light/medium to medium/dark skin tones that want to achieve a bronze/rose look with a sheer, frosty finish.  When I want to make it more sheer and less obvious, I have been mixing it with my By Terry Cellularose Brightening Fluid in “Sunny Flash” and the results are stunning.  If you are a regular user of fluid sheers then you know a little goes a long way and the results last all day.

I used two other fluid sheers in shade #5 and #6 to compare to #17 because those are the ones I reach for the most and would be a competitor to this new shade.  I sometimes hesitate to show swatches as they all look different on different skin tones and feel it is not accurate.  What I show is enough to give you an idea of what it looks like on my olive skin and let you decide if it is worth pursuing the product.  I don’t feel shade #17 will appeal to people who like a more natural glow or matte finish.  This fluid sheer has pigment and color but a little goes a long way and easily blends with other highlighters to create your own look.

Verdict?  I absolutely love this new shade and find I have been reaching for it on a daily basis.  I don’t think it is for everyone but it is my dream color and works beautifully against my skin tone. I would love to hear your thoughts on this shade and how often you reach for it.

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