Hello, my lovely gypsies!  You know how I get when it comes to skin… I am an absolute PER-FEC-TION-IST! My daily goal (which is a great one, if I do say so myself – feel free to comment below if you want me to share it!) is to achieve glorious skin which radiates health, looks and feels well-rested, and appears naturally airbrushed.  Your skin is everything and you only get one of it.  I have thoroughly explored the world of skin care and consider myself an expert, especially on the subject of luxury foundations targeted for dry, more mature skin.  Here are some products which work wonders, live up to the hype, and most importantly – have earned my stamp of approval! Let’s get started!

1. La Prairie Caviar Foundation: A skin care go-to if you want to get that ‘airbrushed’ look. Although this foundation is on the higher end of the pricing scale, your skin will thank you for it. The quality shines through and a little application goes a long way. I typically to apply with my fingers, but investing in a quality brush isn’t a bad idea, either!  La Prairie Caviar contains two-products-in-one (concealer and foundation) and provides medium coverage. The cost for 1oz. of the product is $225.00.

La Prairie Caviar Foundation is “perfection” in a bottle.

2. Suqqu Extra Rich Cream Foundation: A brilliant Japanese import which adheres beautifully to the skin and almost feels too natural to be a foundation. It provides light to medium coverage. The foundation is formulated by advanced and cutting edge Japanese technology which creates a flawless and natural finish. Unfortunately, this foundation does come with a few flaws. The foundation has limited accessibility and the range of shades is fairly limited as well. The foundation costs $75.00 for 1.05oz of product.

3. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation: This product absolutely lives up to its name; it’s very luminous! This “Hall of Fame” beauty product provides a great range of shades for olive to dark skin tones. It is also a wonderful foundation for combo to dry skin and provides up to a medium coverage. The product doesn’t work perfectly on oily skins, however. It may produce an undesired effect of looking “too luminous.” There is also a limited range of shades for more fair skin tones. The product is offered in two sizes: 30ml for $64.00 or 18ml travel size for $42.00.

4. Charlotte Tilbury “Light Wonder” Foundation:  A preferred foundation for those who lean towards light coverage. It leaves you with a natural glow and looks like second skin. This product is both affordable and provides a wide range of shades. It’s very portable which makes traveling with it a breeze. A dream find for those with normal to dry skins. Unfortunately, for you gypsies with oily skin – your “skinmate” is elsewhere. A $46.00 investment will get you 40ml of this wonderful product.

5. Estee Lauder Double Wear: A matte foundation which really lasts. This foundation provides medium to full coverage and is perfect for combination skin. While the product boasts heavier coverage it still feels (and appears) light and leaves your face feeling refreshed after being applied. There are 40 shades available and the price is more than affordable with 1oz priced at $42.00.

Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation is light and well priced.

6. Chanel Sublimage Foundation:  This foundation tends to fall below the radar, but it is a real unsung hero within the Chanel line. With a velvety consistency it provides a semi-matte finish which leaves your skin with a luxurious “air-brushed” look.  The product is a bit pricy, but, in my opinion, it’s worth every penny. It’s ideal for all skin types, but really shines when applied to normal to dry skin. There are a limited number of shades available and finding your exact match is a bit challenging since they don’t match with the other Chanel foundation shades.
Pro Tip: Try one shade darker than your go-to shade. The higher price does have another perk – it comes with a high quality foundation brush (I’m obsessed with mine). The cost is $135.00 for 1oz.

Don’t overlook Chanel’s Sublimage Foundation foundation.

7. Cle de Peau “The Foundation”. The Hope Diamond of foundations. Opening the lid it reveals this magical formula – the epitome of luxury. This majestic foundation has introduced me to a world of perfection (and, to be honest, I don’t want to leave!). The price is shockingly high at $250 for 27ml (or just shy of 1oz), but sticker-shock quickly abates after your first application and can immediately see the skin benefits it provides. The foundation does more than cover, it actually heals your skin; it eliminates dryness and fights against fine lines & wrinkles. The smooth texture works with your skin by bringing out its natural beauty and leaving you basking in elegance with a youth-kissed face. The foundation has a wide color range, is perfect for dry skin type, and provides an abundance of skin benefits. The foundation is not currently available worldwide. Feel free to comment below or message me if you’d like to know where this can be purchased.

8. Nars Radiant Longwear Foundation: This longwear, buildable foundation is the newest foundation product by Nars. The formula provides all day coverage while still maintaining a light feel on the face and simultaneously moisturizes your skin. It’s available in a wide range of shades and is reasonably priced at $49.00 for 1oz. The foundation may not be best for dry skin, as it can emphasize dry patches.

9. Kevyn Aucoin “The Etherealist” Skin Illuminating Foundation: I’ve always been a fan of most Kevyn Aucoin products, but have never really cared much for the foundations, until The Etherealist. It flipped my opinion, and now I’m in love! It provides medium coverage and is ideal for combination to dry skin. There are a wide range of shades available. The foundation blends very well and stays on without separating throughout the day. This is definitely one worth trying. 0.95oz costs $58.00.

10.Decorte Soft Cream Foundation. This Japanese import comes in a sleek black jar with a hefty price. Infused with antioxidant “Shirakaba Tonic” it’s weightless on the skin but provides up to full coverage. The shade range is excellent, especially for olive skin tones. This particular formula was created specifically for the Western market to accommodate darker skin tones. The product is not currently available worldwide and does carry that significant price of $110.00 for 0.99oz. It also lists “mineral oil” as the second ingredient. If you’d like to know where this can be purchased just drop a comment below or message me personally!


Final thought: While these products are made it to the top of my list, don’t forget that foundation selection is a very subjective and personal decision.  What works for me, or your best friend, won’t necessarily work for you. I also like to stress that if a particular foundation is “sold out” or has a “waiting list,” it doesn’t mean you need it or it is the right product for you.  You need to find your perfect match! Be adventurous, order samples, and use each product for a few days and see how the formula feels and looks on your skin. You’ll not only be able to find what suits you and your skin best, but you’ll have the chance to fall in love with a new foundation. If a foundation you LOVE isn’t on my list I want to know about it, so comment below! 

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