Exclusive Interview With Edward Bess

Edward Bess

As I patiently waited for a chance to interview at Bergdorf Goodman, the young, long haired, beautiful porcelain skinned Edward Bess, it brought back memories of when he first introduced his lipstick line about six years ago. Here was this young boy anxiously and confidently trying to break into the market of cosmetics at one of the most prestigious stores in the world, Bergdorf Goodman, while showcasing the launch of his new lipstick line. He was standing in the corner between two cosmetic counters and against the wall but made sure everyone could see him and he was able to greet you. I knew he had potential because his simple charm and spark in his eyes exuded success and ambition. And I was right, fast forward years later and Edward quickly relocated from his little corner to a full cosmetic counter in a great location of the store.

After being nostalgic for a few minutes Edward shows up fashionably late but his warm greeting and southern hospitality makes me forget all about the fact that I’d been waiting for what seemed like forever.

Edward Bess, originally from South Carolina, came to NYC at the tender age of 15 with his mother and sister, after being accepted to the Professional Performance Arts School where he attended until he was 16. While walking down the street one day, he was recruited by Click Modeling Agency, and quickly found himself jet setting between New York and London for the next five years. In between the modeling jobs, he developed a passion for makeup. He proudly said “I have always looked at women and wanted to make them beautiful.” At the inspiring age of 18, Bess created an “edited” line of lipstick colors which he describes as “very Bergdorf Goodman” called Lip Stick WardrobeHere is a quick Q and A about his products:

Beauty Gypsy: Edward, if I was a new customer approaching your counter and you wanted to get me hooked on your line, what is the first product you would show me?
Edward Bess: Tender Love, it enhances one’s natural lip color.

(My personal favorite is “Lotus Bloom.” Check out my review here: http://beautygypsy.com/edward-bess-deep-shine-lipgloss-in-nude-whisperer )

BG: Anything else you would make sure I would walk away from the counter with?
EB: Definitely after Tender Love, Forever Yours and Pure Impulse (the perfect nude) would complete your lipstick line.

BG: What product do you find people are most impressed with after trying it?
EB: My mascara. Its paraben-free and has a very unique mascara wand that both lengthens and thickens…its absolutely amazing.

BG: What are you most proud of in your line?
EB: My skincare line. It was originally created to cater to my dehydrated and dull skin and I decided to add it to my line. It is simply amazing and has great ingredients the skin like Algae and was inspired by the black sea which he explains “repairs the skin, hydrates and can multi-task” while catering to every women. Its “universal” which makes it a great seller for me. It was my trip to Turkey and discovering the magical ingredients and thermal mineral springs hidden behind the black sea in which I found my skin became softer and more radiant. I was mesmerized and wanted to share my discovery with the world.

BG: Edward, as you know I am a brush queen and collect as many as I can get my hands on. I just noticed you only have two brushes in your whole line, why is that?
EB: My line is very simple and you only need the Kabuki brush for blush/bronzer and my all over brush which can multi task and double up as all over and contouring. It really cuts down on time which is part of my philosophy and it works!

What kind of clientele does Edward Bess cater to? Without hesitation he replied “the Bergdorf woman…My line is simple, edited for everyone and all age groups.”

I asked Edward what products are in the works right now. “I am working on a line of liquid foundation for the spring (I personally am super excited about this one) and adding more blush colors to my line.” He said that is all he can reveal for now but to expect some new and exciting things in the near future. For now, he was proud to introduce his new fragrance called “Eau La la”, inspired by his trips to magical Paris and rides on the ferris wheel. From there, his surroundings led to the birth of his new scent that he is very excited and proud of. The top three notes are:

Top notes: bergamot
Heart: gardenia, vanilla musk
Base: amber, frankincense

*Frankincense symbolizes a view of the old cathedrals of Paris, while opulent veil of amber conjures romance of the City of Light.

“Eau La La” by Edward Bess

Where does Edward see himself five years from now? He wants to grow with Sephora and Neiman Marcus on a bigger scale, while meeting as many people as he can. We ended the interview with Edward preaching “I’m proud of what I do, I love what I do and I feel the passion.” His passion has led him to become a favorite of celebrities and fashionistas from all over and building an empire for himself.

Sitting with Edward during the interview, I caught something- his passion is contagious. When someone loves what they do so much, their success feels all the more deserved. It is one thing to have a great product, but its another to believe in it.  Edward wakes up everyday feeling motivated, excited and anxious to build his empire and that is exactly where he is headed.  And though another Edward is followed by a throng of girls (yes, Twi-hard fans!), this Edward has his own following-the Bergdorf Woman. As a BW myself, his line is definitely something I can sink my teeth into. Thank you Edward! We love you at Beautygypsy;) 

Edward Bess

Edward and Beauty Gypsy 🙂


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