DiorShow Liner in Intense Brown

I have an aversion to dark, deep, intense brown liners and always on the hunt for the “perfect brown smokey eye.”  I have gone through cake liners both powdered to cream as well as every pencil I could get my hands on as well as pigmented shadows anywhere from plum to coffee bean undertones and still continue to find “the perfect one.”

OK, I am not saying Diors waterproof eyeliner in brown is my dream come true liner, but I will say I like it for its consistency and especially its convenience.  I throw it in my makeup bag for “daytime touch ups” or simply to create a soft smokey eye for the day.  Its waterproof, its a cool toned chocolate brown (remember anything that has red undertones makes my brown eyes and olive skin look lifeless) and its very user friendly.  Question is, why didn't I see this at the Dior counter before? That is when my Sephora trips makes it worthwhile for me since it gives me an opportunity to play around with different lines and not have anyone pressuring you to buy or look at a product they insist you look at.

I am not comparing this liner to my Laura Mercier caviar liner (hands down my holy grail for smokey brown eyes) but more a replacement or substitute for pencil liners.  I have been comparing it to Edward Bess liner in brown since both of these products have the same purpose and function and have found the results to be similar but Dior's won me over.  The main reason is very simple…Dior's had a smoother application and wasn't as thick so I had more control to create thickness of the liner around my eyes.  I also found Diors was easier to use for tight lining and didn't smudge at the end of the day like Edward Bess did. This is how Dior.com describes this pencil:

What it is:
An extremely precise, retractable eyeliner pencil.

What it does:
To easily reproduce the ultra graphic catwalk eyes, Dior introduces Diorshow Liner Waterproof, which offers an exceptional glide and guarantees a perfect, long-lasting line. The collection includes a range of vibrant colors for a high-intensity look.

Chanel Raffinement shadows with Dior liner, a great combo.

Is this a pencil worth taking a look at?  Absolutely, and I am finding myself using this way more than I had expected.  It really doesn't smudge or budge once applied and its a great alternative to a black pencil especially for daytime when you don't want to look over made or done up. It also comes in four other usable and wearable shades if brown is just not your thing. Only negative is I just wish it had a refill like the clever Edward Bess had done with his, which comes with a refill with original pencil…very clever Mr. Bess. I am currently loving it with my new Chanel “Raffinement shadows.” I have images showing me wearing the two together…enjoy!

Dior can be purchase at Dior.com, Sephora or other fine department stores.  Retails for $29.

Happy lining


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