Dior Fairy Gold Quad Shadow Review

It has been a while since I have gotten excited about “shimmery shadows” and Dior has once again impressed me with their new “Grand Bal holiday” collection. They have launched two gorgeous quads and I purchased the 764 called “Fairy Gold.”

When I was growing up, I always heard that Dior equalled “the best shadows” and famous makeup artists always had at least one Dior quad in their kit. Why is that? Dior not only has the ability to tastefully and artfully pair colors together; they also have a pulse on what is trendy and fashionable at the moment. To me, it’s like they take the extension from the catwalk fashion shows and convert it into their seasonal makeup collections and themes.

I remember when I read that the late and the great Kevyn Aucoin swore by Dior shadows, especially “woodwork”, colors of brown, taupe and navy. He even said he used these shades on many models. I ran out and bought it with my paycheck and used it all the time.  The quad was discontinued it (hope they relaunch it – Dior are you reading this?) but I had a long romance with it and enjoyed it.

This holiday collection isn’t any different or less exciting. They took five shimmery/metallic shadows and created this glorious and absolutely breath-taking neutral colors and added lots of pizzaz and shine. I don’t know many lines that can pull it off and with style and sophistication.


The five shadows include a frosty white, a peachy cream, light rose taupe, coco brown and a sparkly gold for the finale (I don’t see myself using this color very often). The best part is that the overall effect has less yellow/gold and more rose undertone, which for me is a blessing since I have a lot of yellow in my skin.


Since these shadow are so shimmery a strong liner to balance it out would complete the look. I used a chocolate brown liner smudge close to the lashline to avoid looking washed out since summer is gone and shimmer can be slightly tricky to pull off if you aren’t going to a party.

The two quads are limited edition (of course all the beautiful colors are), so I highly encourage you to snatch them up before they’re gone!  My psychic abilities are predicting this quad to be a winner and sell out quickly.  If you are like me and love to have the “JLO Glow” all year round, without looking over done and out of season, then fairy gold quad is for you.

The images I have of me wearing the quad was applied heavy handed for the purpose of having colors show up and you can get an idea of what the color theme is.  I did use my Tom ford brown pencil and smudged it using a deep plum shadow from Chanel “mystic eyes” shadow palette.  Lots of mascara and a smudge of the cocoa brown shadow on bottom liner completes the look.  I always need the bottom lid smudged when doing any kind of smokey eye.. it’s totally optional but a necessity for me.

Available nationwide at all major department stores, Sephora and Dior.com.


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