Cle de Peau Beaute Radiant Lip Gloss

Cle de Peau Beaute, the premier luxury skin care and makeup brand, has launched its Spring 18 line and it’s chock-full of style and taste.  The star of the new collection is the Radiant Lip Glosses which were inspired by “radiance, energy and luster of crystals and gemstones.”  There are eight new shades available, ranging from clear crystal to a magnificent cherry red – really any color to suit any mood and occasion.  So, what makes these new glosses special?  Here are some key points:

*  The applicator, which has an infinity-shaped curve, traces the perfect lip line and focuses color at the center.

*  The “Multi-Polarization Peal” helps to impart a healthy-looking rosiness to your lips.

*  It contains Hydro-Wrap Complex, Argan Tree Oil, and Safflower Oil which all help to moisturize your lips up to 4 hours.  With continued use, it will help improve dryness, roughness and scaling.

*  The Light Focusing Oil help plump lips all while the Contouring Powder helps create dimension and emphasize lips.

Let’s take a look at the eight gorgeous shades:

1 Rose Quartz offers a light pink hue with subtle shimmer which translates into a clear gloss.  I find myself using this color frequently as it helps keep my lips hydrated. I usually apply this over a lip liner.

2 Warm Crystal is a warm tawny beige with a hint of shimmer.  Depending on your skin tone, this can either look either warm beige or neutral.  It really complements a “smoky eye” look.

3 Charm is a light/medium pinkish rose and offers a hint of sparkle, but don’t be mistaken – it’s full of pure gorgeousness!  This shade gives me that soft “baby lips” look which really balances your makeup without overpowering and ‘taking the lead’.  This is a ‘must have’ in my opinion and is universally flattering.

4 Pink Aura is a light, warm pink shade which offers a bit of sparkle.  Once applied, the sparkle seems to come out a bit while leaving a hint of color which is both natural and soft.

5.Dream Stone is a coral pink with a hint of shimmer and tends to lean on the “cooler” undertone.  This one has more pigment than the previous four shades and can pass for a natural liquid lipstick.  This color is not warm enough for me (especially during the winter months) so I plan on revisiting this color during the warmer seasons and see if it looks more flattering with my skin tone.

6 Rose Pearl is pearly medium pink with sparkle.  Although the color is a bit ‘cooler’ I did find that it flattered my skin tone much better than “Dream Stone” which seemed to bring out my sallow skin.

7 Star Dust is a medium cherry pink with shimmer.  Again, this color is a bit difficult to wear in the winter given my skin’s yellow undertones.  I am hoping it will look more flattering during the summer months.

8 Fire Ruby is a cherry red with a slight berry undertone and hint of shimmer.  This is not a color I would naturally gravitate towards but would be perfect for someone who wears red like a rockstar but doesn’t want it to overpower their face.

(L to R) Rose Quartz, Warm Crystal, Charm, Pink Aura

(L to R) Dreamstone, Rose Pearl, Star Dust, Fire Ruby

This is the gorgeous “Warm Crystal” shade

Seen here on the top is “Rose Pearl” and the bottom is “Charm”

These new glosses not only are aesthetically appealing, but their performance is just as good.  I love how they create a ‘your lips, but better’ look while still looking ‘classic, glamorous and timeless.’  The glosses stayed on a good 30 minutes, but keep in mind, glosses never long-lasting for me so I wouldn’t buy them for their longevity.

Final thought: These new glosses are reasonably priced, have a good assortment of colors, and truly feel amazing on the lips. Cle de Peau has managed to once again remind us of what luxury is and should be.  In today’s beauty world of products targeted to millennials (matte lips need to fade away), this was a pleasant welcome in my world of beauty.  Keep up the good work, Cle de Peau, and thank you for always including your 30-plus audience, who wants to be current but still look like a savvy, modern women.

*The Cle de Peau glosses were sent as sample for consideration of review

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