Chantecaille Powder Foundation

Few days ago I promised  a series of reviews about my favorite powder foundations.  Well I have decided to start with my fool proof cant go wrong Chantecaille powder foundations.  I truly feel they
deserve more love and attention in the world of beauty.  It definitely has a cult following(me being one of them of course) and I have definitely turned many people onto this and in return I always get “this stuff is amazing I would never have even looked twice at it.” Which leads me to why isnt it advertised more?  Why dont they push this product at the counter more? I discovered this 14 years ago because I was instantly attracted to the color selection and the texture.  It truly feels like butter when you sweep your fingers across the compact and it applies just as beautifully. The color selection is divided in two and yellow undertone. This is how the company describes it:

Mimics skin in its structure and feel. Keeps skin ultrasoft and hydrated. Works in all climates. Allows extra moisture to evaporate while keeping the skin hydrated with emollient, high-moisture permeability. Helps prevent damage from UVA and UVB rays with polyphenols of green apple.  

About Chantecaille:
With more than two decades as a senior beauty executive, Sylvie Chantecaille joined forces with daughter Olivia in 1997 to form Chantecaille Beautý. Today, the luxury cosmetics line is recognized worldwide for its technologically advanced skincare and beauty products featuring high concentrations of pure, natural botanicals that nourish and revitalize the skin. Husband Olivier and daughter Alex are now also vital parts of the company.

Pros:  Applies beautifully and streak free
          Smooth and butter like
Has sunscreen
Ideal for drier skins

Cons: Color selection doesnt cater to darker skins
Pricey at $62 a compact
No refills(definitely something the company should look into)

I remember why I stopped using it briefly years ago and that was because they reformulated it(why fix something that isnt broken??).  The sales woman told me they were improving the sunscreen factor (no idea what that means) and that it would be back on the shelves shortly.  I purchased the formulation which they swear is exactly the same and definitely felt a slight difference.  I thought the colors applied differently and texture was softer before(adding spf will always change texture and color).
Nonetheless I always go back to it because compared to other powder foundations they are still on top of my list of staple items and makeup kit.  They can be purchased at Barneys, selected Saks, Bergdorf Goodman and SpaceNK.

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