Chanel Sublimage Essential Revitalizing Concentrate

First of all I am not  a huge fan of serums…any kind of serums from firming to hydrating.  I always feel it leaves my normal/dry skin feeling dull and sometimes sticky.  So when I got my hands on this new product I hesitated assuming its like all the other treatments that I have tried and tested but was intrigued as well since its part of the “Sublimage” collection which I think is brilliant to say the least.
According to Chanels brochure this product features the “groundbreaking power of Golden Champa, better known as the Golden Flower of the Himalayas” and helps detoxity the skin.

When used with their new Sublimage La Creme(review following this one) it “boosts the creams’s effectiveness by purifying and restoring skin cells to their most vital state.”

Now I did use this with the LaCreme and I also used it with my beloved LaPrarie’s caviar cream(my all time staple favorite) and just on its own without any cream over it.  When used alone I was “pleasantly surprised” at my reaction and how my skin felt.  It wasnt “sticky”my common complaint with most fo these products and for the first time felt a real instant lift after applying it.  I loved how my face didnt feel dry but soft, smooth and firmer.  You really have to try it to understand what I mean…I totally loved it!!!
Now I also used it in accordance with their La Creme like the brochure recommended and felt the two combined was too heavy for my skin.  I would be intersted in trying it again as the climate changes and the weather gets colder but for now it felt like overload for my skin type.

When I used it with LaPrarie caviar cream it felt just right and not too heavy…a great combination.
Its been a few weeks since using this product and I can confidently recommend this product to all you skincare junkies who are looking for the next innovative product.  I dont think you will be disappointed but definitely try to get a sample if you can.  At $425 for 1.0 ounce I definitely recommend you sample this out first.  Thumbs up to Chanel for their new addition to their Sublimage collection.

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