Chanel Poudre Signee De Chanel Illuminating Powder

Chanel Spring 2013 collection has a few products that will make your head turn twice and one of them is the “Poudre Signée de Chanel.” It is a gorgeous and seductive all over highlighter.  When I was standing in line to purchase “raffinement shadow” (another head turner I recently reveiwed here) this highlighter caught my eye and I had this temptation to dip my finger in there to see if the texture feels as good as it looks.  Guess what, it did.  I usually don’t care for limited edition highlighting powders since most are too white, opaque, shimmery or have a coarse grain to it but this one was surprisingly different.

First of all, the texture alone is amazing…soft, buttery and blends very well.  It has that feeling of a powder that has been triple milled without any coarseness or grainy feel (my huge pet peeve of highlighters) and that alone sold me.  Another benefit was it was not your standard “too pink or too yellow/gold” undertones,which tend to make you look “made up or shiny” and that leads to having the product become ‘seasonal” or a ‘one time only ” product that you put in the drawer and never take out again.

Here is how  Chanel describes this powder:

A limited-edition creation, a sheer highlighting powder is artfully embossed with iconic CHANEL emblems. Bringing a fresh vitality to the face, the soft pink powder lightly dusts over cheekbones and high points to capture and reflect light with a delicate luminosity. Part of the PRINTEMPS PRECIEUX DE CHANEL Collection.

I took several pictures hoping the natural light would capture the “real color’ but found it a bit challenging.  The morning sun compared to the late morning sun produced different looks and tones so that was a bit frustrating.  The morning pictures shows this powder highlighter to look quite “gold” where the late morning sun made it look “pink and cool toned.”  The truth is the real product probably looks more like the latter but looks deceiving because underneath the pink color is a gorgeous and unique “peach/gold” that blends perfectly on my olive skin and I suspect on most skins.  I will post the latter pictures and the swatch on my hand is a close enough match how it looks in person.  Lets take a look:

As you can see, the powder highlighter when applied from the compact to the skin translates into different tones and the light reflects it nicely with a luminescent effect.  I actually have tried using this over my matte powder blushes to give them a little ‘umph” and pizazz and I like the effect.  And of course over my cheekbones and on my brow bone looks just as fab and catches the light in a brilliant way.

Verdict: A definite yes if you are looking for a high end, versatile highlighting powder that isn’t your “standard, limited edition product” then this is for you.  Again, you will be pleasantly surprised at what and how the product looks once applied on so at least take a look and see if the undertones work for you.  I suspect most people will like it but it is a matter of if you feel you need to spend $68 on something you might rarely reach out for.  Would love to hear comments on what everyone out there thinks.

Chanel can be found at, Nordstroms, Bergdorf Goodman and other fine department stores.  Retails for $68.

Happy Holidays and Happy Highlighting

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