Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye shadow in "Raffinement"

Gorgeous, is all I can say about Chanel's new “Les 4 Ombres Quadra eye shadow in Raffinement” from their Spring 2013 Precieux de Printemps de Chanel Collection. Pictures do not do it justice and in person it will take your breath away. These are four beautifully paired neutral shades, in the warm family, but ironically applies more neutral thanks to the hidden rose pigment that balances the shades. It is like you took a neutral earth toned palette and baked it in the sun and it resulted in a beautiful peach, taupe and intense brown/plum shadows.

I initially thought this palette would be all wrong for me since the promotional picture looks very “peachy and warm” and with my yellow/sallow skin, that is a disaster waiting to happen. In person, I saw a beautiful group of warm colors that surprisingly have rose undertones and that caught my attention and put me at ease. I quickly swatched it on my wrist and the colors just “worked” and I knew I could work with them as well as predict it could be one of my “staple” shadows. Yes it is that pretty and that worth looking into. The beauty of Chanel shadows is that as many neutral shadows they release, they seem to somehow differentiate each one from the other and that in itself is not only brilliant but admirable. As I have mentioned before in my earlier posts, I am a huge fan of Chanel shadows and own more than I want to admit but that is because they produce great neutrals with a twist. I can easily┬áclassify┬ámy Chanel shadows in the “neutral, warm and cool” family and this palette falls into “warm/neutral” which gets me even more excited. Last time I found a palette like that was with “mystic” which I am still years later very loyal to and recommend it to many clients/friends.

I find this quad to be similar to an older quad by Chanel in “Kaska beige”, a very warm neutral palette this is more matte and more gold than Raffinement. Here are swatches that show how similar yet different they are:


Kaska Beige

I predict this to be a “sold out” product of the Spring collection so if you see it and like it, grab it and purchase it. Ladies with brown or hazel/green eyes, this palette will rock your world especially the strongest accent color, the brown/plum, will accent any green you have hiding and make the green pop out nicely. I don't think I can wait till Spring to showcase these on my eyes, so be on the lookout for a “face of the day” using these colors. I got mine at Bergdorf Goodman and I hear they are slowly making their way home to more counters this month.

Chanel can be purchased at, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks, Barneys and Nordstroms. Retails for $58.


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