By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge

Spring makeup is proving to be promising and exciting. What I look forward to the most is lip color and so far I am pleased to see what is being launched.The clear trend here is “sheer, gloss and bright,” which is exactly what companies like Tom Ford, Ysl and By Terry are aiming for. A few days ago much to my excitement, I reviewed the new lipshines by Tom Ford. This week I am exploring By Terrys new “hyaluronic sheer rouge” hydra-balm, fill & plump lipstick with UV defense. Definitely a mouth full but question is…how different and amazing is it compared to everything else being promoted? I will give you my take on it and let you decide what you think. This is how By Terrydescribes this new product:“A hyaluronic acid melt-in lipstick balm that moisturizes, fills in wrinkles and fine lines, boots volume, smooths and protects the lips in a “pumping glossy” colored veil.”
So basically, this lipstick in non drying and feels like a lipstick that has a glossy finish. I experimented outside of my comfort zone and got shade #5 or dragonfly pink, a slightly neon fuchsia pink, which believe me is a first for me. I chose it mostly because the other shades really didn’t interest me since they were colors that I would not normally choose or did not compliment my skin tone. When I opened the box, my first impression was the packaging is not as solid and heavy as Tom Ford lipshines (which I personally prefer, just feels more expensive) and the shape of the tube had me channeling Dior’s Addict lipstickespecially the way they trace the lips on first application. It fits comfortably and perfectly. Dragonfly pink definitely has plenty of pigment and the intensity could easily be built by layering without caking or looking over done. The images below gives you an idea of how easily and effortlessly layering achieves a more intense color using same shade. I went up to three layers and by then it made a “statement” and looked glossy and moisturized.*Side note: When I swatched these lip colors at SpaceNK, Dragonfly was not in tester unit but displayed in the front. I ended up swatching it separately and then purchased it.

Verdict? If shade 5 wasn’t part of the collection, I would have passed on this line of lip color from By Terry. It was so similar to Dior Addict lipstick on first application but Dior has more flattering shades, especially if you like neutrals and pinks. By Terry, in my opinion, seems to have a particular client in mind (in all fairness all companies do) which is fair skinned women, over 35 with shades that usually consist of brighter corals and reds. If you are looking for bright corals or different tones of red, this collection will interest you and cost less then Tom Ford. I personally prefer a line that caters to a larger consumer and unfortunately By Terry is usually a hit or miss with me. I will continue using my new shade, which I love by the way, but I’ll stop there. I am still on a high with my new Tom Fordlipshines and will continue purchasing more colors!*Side note: I included images of their three new nail colors and those are GORGEOUS especially the “Moving Mauve” or shade 11, a gorgeous purple. By Terry can be purchased at SpaceNK and Barneys. Retails for $35.

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