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As promised, I have compiled a list of products that have really impressed me in 2012. As I was carefully thinking about what to include, it occurred to me what a challenge it will be! Products from January until December of last year-new and personal favorites-were tried and tested. What to include and what to exclude? Let the games begin! Check out what DID make my list… I will do my best to stay focused (a challenge for me in this category) and choose what I truly feel are “star products.”

Remember, I love that JLO bronzy glow, so I tend to gravitate towards products that deliver that look or close to it.  This list will have a mix of color makeup, skin care ( lots of it), beauty tools and services.  I will have a follow up list that will list “Beautygypsy’s 2012 Beauty Award” of products that have become or still are my staple items. This list is basically products that are new on market or just new to me. I have to say, this has taken me longer than I expected, but I have enjoyed it enormously and was reminded why I started this blog, because I love sharing new discoveries with all of you.  Grab your coffee, sit back and let us get started…


Tom Ford illuminating powder
I never expected to love this powder so much.  It’s silky, pigmented and gives me an “airbrushed look” when applied over my foundation and evens out my skin used alone.

Giorgio Armani eye shadows
The relaunch of these shadows have loads of pigment,silky texture and brilliant color combinations! They have won me over and forced me to neglect my beloved Chanel shadows.

Serge Luten powder foundation
This line is not a newcomer but I am constantly impressed and blown away with their quality. They use “nano-technology” which explains why it adheres so brilliantly to the skin and leaves a natural “second skin” look.  I use D10 for bronzer and N60 for natural looking foundation to even my skintone. Quality doesn’t get any better than this ladies!

Le Metier de Beaute lip glosses
I love them all and I own most of them.  They have cream texture and a more sheer formula to cater to most customers.  The color choices alone will sell you and the way they look on will win you over. Check out “vanilla rose,” a gorgeous, sheer nude with pink undertones, great with smokey eyes.

Edward Bess eye primer
This eye base has quickly won me over based on the color choices and pigment which creates a fantastic canvas and preps the eyes for shadows. You will find your shadows wont budge all day even in the warmest weather.  Good job Edward!
Suqqu Shadows
Pigment, pigment and more pigment.  This Japanese luxury line has impressed me and leaves me wanting more.  Their shadows are top of the line, only problem is trying to get your hands on it. Once you do, you begin to understand what the “big fuss” is all about.


Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Cream
I resisted buying this because my medicine cabinet can’t welcome another product due to lack of space but once my sample was done I realized I needed to make space and make a home for this “amazing” cream.  Winters doesn’t have to mean having dry skin and this cream will keep you hydrated all year round.  I am currently sampling the rest of the Diamond line and all I can say is I need another job to support this expensive habit.

La Prarie cellular emulsion SPF 30
I reviewed this product recently and could not stop raving about how great it is.  I adore this moisturizer and its slowly going to my “Hall of Fame” list.  Convinced yet?

Cle de Peau corrective “wrinkle correcting serum”
I have not reviewed this as I just received it two weeks ago from Japan.  My husband was kind enough to bring it over after the sales woman at Daimaru told him this is a product that will be huge and they are excited about it.  It is an under eye and lip cream and I can’t read Japanese to tell you what is in it but goodness…this is a wonderful eye cream.  I can not believe I just found a good subsitite for my beloved and expensive La prarie caviar luxe eye cream…it is at least half the price and honestly it is just as good..brilliant!

Sunday Riley products
This Texas born genius has created products that cater to all women and target common skin needs that make it hard not to get sucked in.  I am currently loving “good genes” primer and Juno oil (not reviewed yet but coming soon.)

Kate “exfoliate”
I know this is not a new product but it has become a staple for me after using the sample just once.  This is one of he best exfoliates I have ever tried (and believe me I have tested many) and plan on using it till I run out and buy more….yes it is that good!!!

Aczone (Dapsone) Gel
By prescription only, this topical treatment, used twice a day, keeps the acne away.  Sounds too good to be true? It really works ladies, my monthly hormonal breakouts have minimized and this miracle in a tube has many acne sufferers dancing with joy.  Ask your dermatologist about Aczone and see if your a good candidate.

Amore Pacific tea tree oil
This lightweight face oil really surprised me and surpassed my expectations.  It sinks into the skin without leaving an oily residue or clogging pores.  It is limited edition so stock up if you already have it and love it..I know I am.


Rita Hazan root concealer
This product got mixed reviews but I bought this the first day it launched and have not stopped using it.  Sure the texture of your hair will change a bit but who cares the gray is gone and I don’t have to do crazy side parts in order to conceal my gray.  Well worth it with believable colors.

Tom Ford brushes
I waited in line the first day the Tom Ford line was launched at Bergdorf Goodman and I snatched up four brushes without blinking.  The quality and the choices of superior brushes is what I feel makes Tom Ford cosmetics line worth sticking around.  Yes they are that good, all of them, enough said!

Ibiza Hair Brushes EX series
Listen up curly haired ladies, if you blow out your hair frequently then you need these brushes. The handle is made of cork which makes it light-weight and easy to handle and maneuver (lets face it, the dryer is heavy enough we don’t need a heavy weight brush handle) and the high quality boar-bristle results in big shiny curls with volume. And if you don’t have curly hair they have other brushes to cater to different hair types. These are my Tom Ford brushes for hair. Check out  I got mine at
EX3 – Ibiza Medium Round Brush with Extended Cork Handle, 14 Rows of Bristles
EX4 – Ibiza Large Round Brush with Extended Cork Handle, 18 Rows of Bristles

EX5 – Ibiza Extra Large Round Brush with Extended Cork Handle, 20 Rows of Bristles
EX2 – Ibiza Small Round Brush with Extended Cork Handle, 10 Rows of Bristles
B4 – Ibiza Blonde Boar Round Brush with Extended Cork Handle, 18 Rows of Bristles


Maison Francis Kurkdjian “Aqua Universalis”

 This amazing fragrance from genius Maison Francis Kurkdjian, won my heart the first day he promoted his line at Bergdorf GoodmanAqua Universalis is my personal favorite made of ” Bergamote and Lemon, White Bouquet with musky wood notes” leaves you smelling clean and sexy, trust me on this one.  I own every product they make and absolutely adore everything, especially their shower gel, worth every penny.

Escentric Molecules 01

This very unusual yet intoxicating fragrance uses sheer, velvety sandalwood and builds two scents around a single aroma chemical. Sound confusing? In other words, it’s unique, it’s refreshing and I always get asked “what fragrance are you wearing?”

Nail color:

Chanel “frenzy”
I am not big on polishes but every now and then a color will blow me away and that is what happened with Chanel’s “frenzy” polish. It is my new “neutral” and I carry this color wherever I go and best part is I can wear it all year long,..score!


Sania’s brow bar
This brow wiz was my first interview for Beautygypsy and she was so delightful to talk to while she shaped my brows beautifully.  Talk about mulch-tasking!  Not only is she gifted with shaping brows but she has launched tweezers (move over tweezerman) and brow pencils that let you mimic your visit to the salon..simply brilliant simply Sania.

Blowout with Myrna Palacios
I did a feature on having my curly/frizzy hair blown out with Myrna at Rita Hazan salon and showed before/after pictures.  If the images alone didn’t get you excited then I don’t know what will.  She conversted my frizzy mess into beautiful, silky voluminous hair using a blow dryer and you guessed it, Ibiza brushes!

Hair styling with River Lloyd at John Frieda Salon

(interview coming soon)
This Greek god is the James Bond of hair..he has a way with women and has you coming back for more.  River doesn’t follow trends, he lets your hair adapt to your lifestyle and addresses your concerns.  He simply gets hair and believe me that is not easy to find. John Frieda Salon


I have also enjoyed my one on one interviews with Dustin Lujan, River Lloyd, the charming Edward Bess and the legendary makeup artist Sandy Linter (video interview will be posted very soon.)

I want to thank all of you for making this blog that much more exciting and for giving me your undivided attention and precious time.

I will continue having more interviews with pros in the industry so keep checking back because Beautygypsy has so much more planned for 2013


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    Love your blog!! great and on target with the best of the best products!! Now just need the best colorist in NYC? Looking forward to your recommendation.

    • wafaa


      I am glad to hear that you love my blog:) I posted an interview I did two weeks ago with a talented hair colorist in NYC, look it up under “interview with Corrine”..she is really good. Let me know if you have anymore questions.


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