All year-round staple items…my “can’t live without” products!

I am so excited to review so many products that I dont know where to start.
Then it occured to me that before I start exploring new terittory and products I think it’s
best we get the “products I can’t live without” list out of the way.  I have to say I thought it
would be easier than expected because like most of you my list changes almost daily depending
on my mood, occasion or weather.  So having said that lets get started on what I believe are products
worth exploring or at least reading about.Armani LSF foundation

I cant say enough about this foundation I really cant.  I have used I would say at least 90% of department
store foundations and somehow find myself coming back to this amazing product.
The variety of shades are so believable and versatile with very little pink and yellow tones.  I would say
they are carefully selected warm and cool beiges that seem to suit most people.  I have heard complaints
about ladies with very fair skin that have problems finding a suitable shade but if you can its worth sampling.  It dries to a beautiful semi-matte finish that blends incredibly well into the skin and has a long lasting power.  It also is one of the few foundations I can wear all year round excpept shades differ depending on the season.  Give this a try and I bet you will be just as excited as I was ten years ago.

Chantecaille powder foundation

I am still baffled as to why this product isnt mentioned or talked about the way it deserves to be.
Where do I start? Its silky has great coverage but not cakey and color section is quite good.
You can use it with damp sponge for more coverage or I like to scoop it out with a big fluffy brush and lightly coat my face with it over my Armani foundation. The company describes it as “mimicking the face with structure and feel” and  “helps prevent damage from UVAand UVB rays with polyphenols and green apple.”
Another big plus is for ladies who have normal to dry/dehydrated skin this has to be the only powder I have found that doesnt dry out or look powdery on me which was the big reason I got hooked on it 10 years ago as well.  Colors are divided between pink and beige undertones and color range is quite good in my opinion.

Cle de peau concealer

Oh how I love this tube of miracle.  It covers amazingly well enough said.  What more do we need in a concealer?  Color selection might be limited(but almost everyone can find a suitable shade) and price is quite steep ($70) but a little goes a long way and the tube will last you a long time if used wisely.


Again another product I dont read much about but think is brilliant and worth trying.  Its a brow kit
that comes with three different powder shades, mini tweezers and a mini brush.  The shades are strong
neutral and believable shades that are used for individualized blending and brow colors.  If you are patient and practice a bit you will eventually find the perfect shade and realize you cant live without this product.  Its not cheap ($65) but again this will last you a long time.  Make sure you have a great brow brush to use with it (shu uemura has some great ones) and fill in and shape your brows to perfections.

Le Metier de beaute precision liquid liner

This smudge proof long wearing liquid liner in a pen is brilliant to say the least.  I normally dont care
for liquid liners or pens but this product has really won me over.  There is no pulling or tugging needed
yet its so easy to use.  It glides right smoothly yet somehow you feel you have control.  Its finally possible to create the cat eye you have always wanted but felt is impossible to achieve.  
It comes in three shades..noir, aqua and bleu.  I definitely prefer the noir for everyday and the other two for a more “fun and exciting” look.

Cle de peau extra silky lipsticks

Where do I start with this amazing product is a sleek black tube?  Yes its expensive like most Cle de peau products but believe me if you find a shade that works for you (which I cant see how one cannot) then this is an item that shouldnt be overlooked.  The shades are amazing, it has argan tree oil for smooth and application and an” exclusive Cle de peau advanced moisturizing ingredient hydro-wrap complex.”  Shades 118 and 119 are great nudes that suit many skintones.

Chanel Joues contrast powder blush

These blushes still win as the most silkiest and most wearable on the market.  It has a remarkable ability to allow you to build color without looking overdone or too streaky.  I have been using their blushes since I was sixteen years old and decades later still go back to them.  Unfortunately they do discontinue some good colors that I have had to stock up on but their selection is still the best on the market and continues to win many people over.

These are the basics I wanted to start out with.  As I stated earlier my list will grow as time goes on but
these are what I use on a daily basis.  I am not saying they will work for everyone but they are definitely worth checking into especially since I have tried replacing them with other lines and always seem to go back to these.
If you have any comments or feedback I would love to hear from you.
Happy shopping.


  1. I've never used a powder foundation, I feel like if my skin is dry it'll look awful, so thanks for the review of the Chantecaille!
    Also, do you take requests/questions about other products?

  2. I agree….nothing like Armani foundation….can't get through the day without it. Which eye shadows are on your list.

  3. I take all requests and questions…the more the better.
    I will do a list of shadows I love very soon.

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