Chanel Fall 2015 Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Alezane (260)


Chanel Fall 2015 recently launched and as expected is eye candy all the way.  The collection is nothing short of extravagant and introduces Fall colors tastefully and appropriately.  Today I am reviewing Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Alezane (260)
icon($45), a rose, golden/brown color with golden flecks.  I am a huge fan of Chanel blushes so when I spot a new shade added to the collection I buy it immediately. I have high standards when it comes to blush and Chanel is the only brand that has consistently tempted me every season when a new shade is launched.  Now that I have expressed my deep love for Chanel blushes,  let us take a close look at Alezane blush:



Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in "Alezane"
Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in “Alezane”



This new shade is the epitome of what fall colors look like yet is complex enough to fit all seasons.  I initially had a hard time trying to describe what color this new shade is but my conclusion is that it’s a pinky, golden brown with golden specks mixed in.  I have light/medium olive skin that is on the sallow side so anything with warm undertones can wash me out.  Alezane blush turns very warm on me so I have to use it with a very light hand and blend it very well.  I normally use Chanel Accent blush on a daily basis and pair it with Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow to get that perfect glow.  But with Alezane, a bronzer would not work as that would be too much gold and brown for my skin tone so I used it alone.  After wearing it a few hours, it settled into my skin nicely and looked like a light/medium bronzer that turned golden and gave me a healthy glow.  The gold flecks mixed in were not obvious once applied but only contribute to the blush turning warm in my opinion.  Keep in mind, my skin tone tends to turn everything warmer so you will have to test it out first and see how the color settles in.



When I gathered my Chanel blushes that I felt could be similar to Alezane, they didn’t look that much different to the naked eye.  Once I swatched all four shades, Imprevu (59) blush came the closest in color.  They both have that golden brown tone with gold flecks but Alezane is slightly less frosty and has more of a rose under tone.


Verdict?  Chanel blushes can do no wrong in my eyes and Alezane blush is no exception.  This will be my Fall 2015 blush color and I suspect it will be on yours as well.
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Filmstar Bronze & Glow In Sun Tan & Sun Light By Charlotte Tilbury

Filmstar Bronze & Glow in Sun Tan & Sun Light


charlotte tilbury norman parkinson review

If you are a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze & Glow powder, then the new creamy version called Filmstar Bronze & Glow in Sun Tan & Sun Light might peak your interest ($80.).   This limited-edition compact that has global beauty icon Jerry Hall (who was also a muse to famous fashion photographer Norman Parkinson )gorgeous face stamped on it.  Charlotte Tilbury is a huge fan of photographer Norman Parkinson who has always been her inspiration for her visual moodboards that she created for beauty concepts and behind the scenes.  It was only natural  that she collaborated with him to create a small and limited-edition line in homage to his work.  The collection , that has a vintage feel, has a series of compacts and makeup bags with iconic images from Mr. Parkinson.

charlotte tilbury norman parkinson review

Now, let us talk about the only item I bought from this collection which is the creamy version of the famous  Filmstar Bronze & Glow. It is identical to the Filmstar Bronze & Glow in terms of size and amount of product with the only difference being the cover is of Jerry Hall. This new compact is described as “capturing the youthful, soft-focus lens of Parksinson’s camera, giving one “holiday skin”, a perfect, golden glow that enhances facial framework.”  The compacts houses two colors, a dark and a light.  The darker one is called “Sun Tan Bronzer” that is a medium/dark brown that has no traces of orange or warmth in site.  It has a natural luminous finish with light to medium coverage.  The second color on the right is “Sun Light Highlighter“, an easily blendable cream that helps build up color from a highlighting veil of pearl to a more dramatic metallic effect.  It has Apricot Oil for moisture with a high percentage of pearls for that luminous effect.  It is a sheer, warm and light beige highlighter that can be used wherever you want to highlight.  At first glance, this compact looked more like a contour and shade kit versus a bronzer and highlighter which surprised me.

charlotte tilbury norman parkinson review

charlotte tilbury norman parkinson review

charlotte tilbury norman parkinson review

charlotte tilbury norman parkinson review


I was told that for best results I should use a brush that is similar to Tom Ford’s foundation brush (02).  I happen to own that brush and swirled it around the Sun Tan Bronzer until I got enough color to work with.  I dabbed the brush a few times on my wrist to get rid of excess color and prevent streaking before applying it on my cheekbones.  I gently and lightly started swirling my brush on my cheekbone starting from the back by my ears and worked it up near the apples of my cheeks.

charlotte tilbury norman parkinson review

charlotte tilbury norman parkinson review

Unfortunately, it looked streaky and a bit “dirty” looking on my face.  I went back in with the brush and blended some more but it still looked on the streaky side. I decided to use my fingers and found it blended and looked much better.  I applied the Sun Light Highlighter on top of my cheekbones, middle of my forehead and middle of my chin using my fingers.  It blended nicely and looked natural.  I applied both colors after lightly using Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation so my canvas would be easier and smoother to work with.  I can’t imagine using this on bare skin as the bronzer has a good amount of pigment and needs some work to blend it.  Once I liked how it looked, I lightly applied some powder on t-zone and voila.  The bronzer lasted all day and actually looked much better after it settled in and faded.  I do think that fair to medium skin can use this as a contour kit and find it to be easier to use then the Tom Ford shade/highlight kit.

charlotte tilbury norman parkinson review

charlotte tilbury norman parkinson review

IMG_8119rv-1Verdict?  Although this new compact is called Filmstar Bronze & Glow it is not as easy to use as the powder form.  I am not an expert with using creamy textures and I don’t contour so this definitely needed my close attention and a few tries before appreciating it.  I am curious to know what everyone else thinks and would love to read your experience with this bronzer.

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Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale Early Access Beauty Exclusives



Nordstrom’s annual Anniversary Sale Early Access started two days ago on July 8th with deals you really don’t want to miss.  Naturally, my focus is on beauty products and they have some amazing beauty deals you don’t want to miss.  I was fortunate enough to attend their event earlier this week and got to see, touch and photograph anything that caught my eye.  Although my original list was much larger then what you see above, I had to narrow it down and feel confident this is an A-list.

Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain Exclusive Trio has No. 7 Corail Aquatique, Pop Water No. 204 Onde Rose and Plump Up Lip Plumper No. 200.
NARS Lip Pencil Set in Neutral includes Stourhead (limited edition), Sex Machine and Biscayne Park.
Kiehls Creme de Corps Home & Away has a 33 oz. jumbo bottle plus a 2.5 oz. travel size.  This is a fantastic deal.
Dior Eye Reviver Rosy Palette is an absolutely stunning eye palette that is a must-have.

Blame it on NARS Cheek Palette includes shades in Casino, Satellite of Love, Daydream, New Attitude and Mini Ita Brush.
Lancer “The Method” Set includes: 2 oz. Nourish, 2 oz. Cleanse, .5 oz Polish and .5 oz Lip Serum.  Great value and amazing on the skin.
Chantecaille Perfect Skin Set includes Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleanser, Lifting Cream and Stress Repair Concentrate.
MAC Look in a Box Basic Brush Kit includes: #192 Cheek/Face Brush, #224 Tapered Blending Brush, #239 Eye Shading Brush, #204 Lash Brush and #266 Small Angle Brush.  This makes a great travel kit.

Armani Glow Essential Set is everything you need to create the flawless Armani Glow.  It includes: Fluid Master Primer, Fluid Sheer #2 and Mini Travel Highlighter Brush.
Clinique Colorful Moisture Set includes a Jumbo Moisture Surge plus Chubby Stick Baby Tint in Budding Blossom and Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry.
Burberry Fresh Glow Nude Radiance Set includes: Black Bold Lash Mascara, Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Nude Cashmere (love this shade), My Burberry Fragrance Sample, Trench Makeup Bag and “Get the Look” Face Chart.
Chanel Travel Makeup Palette was the first item that caught my eye and I obsessed over it.  It includes all the essentials one needs to complete a look.  A big bonus?  It has this cool retractable brush that can be used for blush, contour and powder.  Tres chic.

You can view all the beauty exclusives HERE
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The Essential Mascara By Kevyn Aucoin

When I use to own a makeup studio, women would come in and say “I only have five minutes, please sell me the best mascara you have and swear by.”  Frankly, finding the perfect mascara was never a priority because I always had long, dark lashes.  As I have gotten older, my lashes have gotten more sparse with less curl so mascara has now taken a priority in my makeup kit.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am constantly raving about my holy grail Lash Queen by Helena Rubenstein, which unfortunately,isn’t available in the U.S anymore.  I discovered it when I lived in Japan as it was and still is a best seller in the mascara category.  My husband still refills my order every three months, but now that I blog, I need to look for something as good or almost as good as Helena Rubenstein. Let me introduce you to The Essential Mascara by Kevyn Aucoin Beauty ($32), a mascara that has become a close competitor to my Lash Queen. I will make this review short and sweet with a verdict.  Let us take a closer look at this magic mascara that comes in a metallic plum packaging with a fabulous brush:

Believe it or not, I initially judge a mascara by how the brush feels much like I do when I shop for makeup brushes.  If the handle feels comfortable in your hand and the brush fits your lashes perfectly then half the job is done.

The Essential mascara by Kevyn Aucoin made a good impression the first time I used it. The first round of application coated my lashes evenly and nicely. The second coat gave me  “va va vavoom” lashes that as an instaglam look!  It was easy to layer since it did not get spiky or flakey after the first coating and that is a big plus for me.  I also didn’t experience any residue under my eyes at the end of the day (big pet peeve of mine) and was easy to remove at night using my Bioderma eye makeup remover.

Verdict?  I have found a mascara that really works well for my lashes and gives me instant glam without much effort.  When you find a mascara that is a good fit for your lashes regardless of price, you stick to it and consider a big mission accomplishes.  Have you tried the Kevyn Aucoin The Essential Mascara?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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